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How to enter the Running Poetry giveaway:

In a comment below, share who or what inspires you to run. Details, please! 

Enter by December 31st!

Winner will be randomly chosen from all entries on January 7th, and notified by email. Good luck! 


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  1. Amie Warnick says

    who inspires me to run? my brother whose in the military, my mom , and those who have a illness or disease who cant run, i run for me.

  2. Karen says

    I have been heavy and not really into exercising all of my life. As I approached my 49th birthday this year, I decided I needed to make a change. I wanted to RUN ! I made a pact with myself that I would run a half marathon before I turn 50 next November. I at first did not tell anyone but got talking with a dear friend and he asked about the running shoes I was wearing. I told him what I was doing and that was the turning point. He is encouraging me to go for it. He introduced me to barefoot running and is going to run 5K’s with me this spring. It has given us one more common ground and we inspire each other to keep going. Not only am I moving and gaining distance, I am losing weight and enjoying every run

  3. Amy says

    As a mother of a child with a disability and a retired Air Force Veteran my inspiration for running comes from my son and for by fellow service men and women. My son shows me every day what he is capable of of by pushing himself to learn more and do better so I want to continue to do that for him. My home is to one day run a race with him, no matter how far just to enjoy that experience. My dedication to duty afforded me the opportunity to work with and meet many outstanding people during my 20 years in the Air Force and their dedication to serve and protect allows me the freedoms to run therefore they inspire me.

  4. Jennifer says

    I am inspired by all of the runners I meet at races and online. They provide the support and encouragement I need to keep going on tough runs.

  5. Leigh Owen says

    My children inspire me! All three are competitive swimmers. They work hard, attending anywhere from five to eleven practices a week depending on the season.
    I figure if they can go “all out” during their events while breathing sporadically, then I surely can keep on going while breathing pretty much whenever I want!

  6. Shannon R says

    I was greatly inspired by a story I just read about Joy Johnson, an 86 year old 25x marathoner. Google her if you don’t know the story. A role model for sure.

  7. Kelley says

    My bordercollie Eisley was my initial running inspiration. Although he still inspires me, the empowerment that I have felt by accomplishing things I never thought possible, like running a 5k and soon a 10k are my new inspiration!

  8. Lisa Saldivar says

    My brother was killed in Iraq in 2003, so anything I can do to give back to the military and/or veterans I do. There is a group called Team RWB (Red, White and Blue) whose motto is ‘It’s Our Turn’. I started running with them after seeing some of them at the Wounded Warrior run earlier this year. We help returning veterans connect with their community through physical activity. The group consists of active military, veterans, and civilians. When I see the veterans who are battling PTSD and physical injuries up to and including amputation, it really brings home how important it is to focus on what we are able to do, rather than what we are not able to do, to work hard and push the limits of what others feel is possible for us, and to make our own definition of possible!

  9. sheila obrien says

    My oldest son has been my inspiration. He has been running half of his 25 years. He inspired me at age 49 to start running. I am not fast but with him I have run 12 5ks this year along with a 5 miler. I have set a goal of running a half marathon and he will remind me if I don’t run I will not get closer to my goal.

  10. Jennifer Holmes says

    My 9 yr old triplets and 12 yr old daughters inspire me to be a strong , healthy Mom! Running makes me feel stronger every time!! It gives me strength mentally and physically!! Running makes me get back in the game of being a positive mom to my four girls!!

  11. Lydia says

    My mom (60years old) was who introduced me to running a few years ago, se ran my first 10K, my first half-marathon, and less than a month ago, my first (her fifth) full marathon with me. She overcame an illness from a year ago and started training again as I started training for my first marathon. She says I’m the little motor that keeps her running, I guess we inspire each other to push our limits further. Even though I now run faster than her, I’m still trying to beat her records when She was my age (she challenged me to do so).
    My mom inspired me to start running, and she inspires me to keep going. We both dedicate our runs to everyone out there that can’t run.

  12. Amy B says

    I became inspired to run after an electrophysiologist told me I needed to never do anything vigorous again at the age of 36 and I would need a pacemaker sooner than later. I got a second opinion, thankfully, and the second doctor did more to determine that my bradycardia was not related to my heart health and was just “my normal”. Afterwards, I have been running as much as I can, since I can and don’t want to take my health for granted. I have ran three 5Ks, one 10K, one 15K, and a half marathon this year and am signed up for 3 more halfs between now and April 2014, with a goal of running my first full marathon fall 2014 :)

  13. Meghan Davinroy says

    When I’m having a bad day or feeling down I can put on my shoes and run away from everything. I’m a high school athlete and what inspires me to run is that I know how it can help me and how it will make me feel. It releases stress and proves to myself and everyone around me that I am tough. My team and my coaches inspire me to run everyday because I know they are counting on me to be my best. I run for everyone who can’t.

  14. Michelle says

    I’m inspired to run when I surprise myself with how much better I get with every run. My time/distance is totally up to me and how hard I work. Running has taught me that I have the ability to do things I used to think were impossible. I have more confidence on the road, at work and at school. This shy, self-defeating girl has learned that I am my own inspiration!

  15. Tracie Groff says

    I inspire myself to do better and push myself more than I ever thought I could especially at almost 40 years old. Better shape than I was in my 20′s. Be the best you you can be!!!

  16. Jaclyn says

    My friends that have run longer than I have and those that are just starting to run inspire me. Love hearing about their running!

  17. says

    At first my daughters and husband inspired me to run. I wanted to participate in 5Ks as a family. What I didn’t realize was how much running changes you for the better. Becoming comfortable with your body, being in tune to all that you can achieve and continually working towards new goals, being part of such a wonderful community of runners, and living life active makes each of us more than we were before and I am thankful for all of the joy running brings! :)

  18. Missi Collins says

    I am inspired to run by my battle with breast cancer. I am strong. I will win . I am inspired by my kids cross country team. I run with them at all of their practices. I am inspired to run by all runners no matter their athletic abilities. I’m inspired to run for health and mental clarity. Thank you :-)

  19. Jennifer Rubida says

    I run because I want to inspire my children to be active. I initially started running to lose weight and found out that I really love it! I’m not a very competitive person, except with myself. Running gives me energy and I feel peaceful. My 2013 new year resolution was to run a half marathon. I did that in May and it felt great to complete!

  20. Amy Malloy says

    My fellow coaches inspire me to run! They are older but continue to persevere & have completed half marathons & marathons. I always tell myself if they can do it, I can do it!

  21. Heidi Smith says

    There has not just been one person who has inspired me to run. I have been inspired by the victims if the Boston Marathon. I am currently running one day for each if the victims… That is 287 days in a row. Today is day 254. I am inspired by the magnitude of people who were there that day to share in the simple act of running. I have also been inspired and encouraged by my husband. He has helped me to discover and cultivate my passion. If course, there is always my awesome group if ladies that I run with. I gain extra stride just by being with them. I am blessed with every mile I run with them. There are also runners I meet who I never will see again and ones whose stories I hear only hear about. Finally, there are people like Hunter who remind us all how truly special life is. I could never name only one inspirational person… I am fortunate to have many. Happy running!

  22. Suzanne says

    I am a registered nurse. I care for people every day of my life. I meet so many amazing people, families, as well as my coworkers who have their own struggles and stories. I am inspired by them, and also my own daughters and husband. They motivate me to push myself beyond what I thought in could because I see all of them, in their own way, getting through another day, with their own difficulties. Everyone has a story, and it’s how they deal with their own story that is motivating me, in my life, every minute of every day.

  23. Carole McVicker says

    My husband and 2 adult kids inspire me to run! I have melanoma and have had 4 rounds of topical chemo! They have been by my side and helped me through it and the best part is they all 3 know how I love to run and how running gives me a chance to find myself! They all help me find time to run and often go along with me!

  24. Susan Irving says

    Dani Holmes-Kirk inspires me to run. She has lost 80+ pounds and runs a lot of races. She and I live in the same state not very far from each other. Her race recaps have inspired me to run those same races. I’m run/walking my first 5k taking place on January 1st.

  25. Michelle Jacoby says

    I run because it makes me a better mom and wife. When I run, I always feel like I can take on the world. It gives me patience and the confidence to complete any task. I am a better person on days that I run.

  26. Leigh Anne says

    I run because I want to see my stepdaughter, nieces, and nephew grow up. I run because of the deer and geese I frequently see on my usual route, for the soft crunch of snow beneath my feet, the peace and quiet of the early morning. I run because I can, and I run because when I do, I can do so many other things.

  27. says

    Running saved my life, still. Literally, metaphorically — it did. It made my body healthy again and my mind came along for the ride… or run. I run to keep the healthy mind/body connection — oh, and those races where they give you hot chocolate. :-)

  28. Jennifer Lawson says

    My daughter inspires me. I couldn’t keep up with her. She was two and could run farther and faster than I could. I took up running so I could be there for her. Not just now, but in the future. She is now 3.5 years old and we have run two-one mile races together. She loves it! I’ve never been more proud of our two last place finishes! Anytime she sees a running she’s asks if they are running a mile like she goes.

  29. Theresa says

    Who inspires me? My girls, my husband who bikes to work every day (even in sub-zero weather), my faith, the soldiers most of whom have no choice as to where they end up, the homeless woman I see every day on my run…

  30. says

    My husband and children inspire me to run, along with being healthy. With alot of stress in my life, I found my running time to be my time to unwind and be with God. By the time I was done, I felt with renewed in mind and spirit. My wish is that my family will be in turn inspired knowing that if their 52 year old mom can run a half marathon, in between work, school, family obligations, caring for a sick parent, etc. they too can do anything. They just have to have faith and believe.

  31. Lisa says

    I was initially inspired to run as a way to fight back against the leukemia that was taking over my body me taking all control away from me. I ran to regain that sense of control and to this day I am still inspired to run for all those cancer warriors who are no longer with us and all those still fighting their wars on cancer! Like the Melissa Etheridge song- I run for life! My life and the life of all cancer warriors!

  32. Becky says

    I’m inspired to run to be the best me, the me that God intended when He created me. Jesus sustains me. I’m also inspired by all the runners I follow on Instagram. I’ve found that runners are kind & encouraging. I’ve not come across anyone who wasn’t. I think it’s because they all know that there is always someone faster &/or runs further.

  33. Lizzy says

    I initially became inspired to run by a good friend of mine from high school. We ran our first half marathon in the Pittsburgh where we both grew up. Since then, I have had several friends who have inspired me…but then something interesting happened. I realized that I had inspired my children to run. It makes me so proud to see their healthy outlook on life that they now inspire me as well:) I just love to run!

  34. Elizabeth says

    Running doesn’t come easy to me – but I do it anyway. I’ll never be fast – I don’t believe I’ll ever run 26 miles – but 13 is OK….still sometimes surprised that I can run even 3 miles considering I never ran my first mile until my early 40′s!

  35. Michael Storer says

    My big sister inspired me to start running and to keep at it every day. I’m only just starting out and we hope to be able to race my first half marathon within the year. Fingers crossed everyone.

  36. Kim B. says

    My sister-in-law inspires me to run. I started running in 2010 after seeing so many positive changes in my sister-in-law. When I asked her what was new, she told me about running and how amazing she felt. It is an amazing feeling you get while you are running and when you’ve accomplished a new goal. I stopped running shortly after starting because I went back to college and finished my Bachelor degree … my motivation to finish was to enter the 8 mile run around Mackinac Island, Michigan when I was earned my degree. I had doubts that I could run 8 miles; having never run further than a 5K and taking such a long break from running. My sister-in-law was my great encourager through my runs preparing for the 8 mile run; she is always so positive and motivating; to the point of telling me stories while we were running to distract me from wanting to stop.

  37. Robyn says

    Seeing the growth and progress of my high school cross country team is quite inspiring. Training partners who have become close friends through the trial of miles push you to achieve and the love of running those kids radiate contributes to the inspiration they provide

  38. anne says

    My sister inspires me. She got me started by walking a5k. From there I started running. She is always telling me I can do it. From a pesty younger sister to my cheerleader.

  39. Concetta Pucci says

    After my graduate studies, I had the whole summer doing nothing because I had no job. So, the cheapest way to exercise was to go out for a walk. More I walked, the more I want to walk faster. More faster, I run! Then, I decided to sign up my very first race New York Road Runner’s Women 10k. I had no idea what it is like to run in that race and I was so inspired to see all ladies running! All ladies come from many sizes and I felt more confident as I knew I never was an athlete! I was inspired and excited so I got more hooked up by signing many races including two marathons! Now, I have been running for 11 years!

  40. Julie Wood says

    I’m inspired to run by my husband. He was a cyclist for many years until he could no longer cycle due to his back issues. He began running and has never looked back. He gets up early and runs in the cold, the snow, the dark, and everything in between.

  41. Amy Forsythe says

    My twins inspire me to run. I couldn’t give what I can to them if I didn’t spend some time to take care of myself. Running helps me to be the best that I can be for them. When momma is happy – and gets to run – everyone’s happy!

  42. Tracy says

    My Mom inspires me..she started running in her 40s…ex-smoker..has finished a few marathons and is still running at almost 70 yrs old. She is planning on running a half marathon with me in 2014…she is awesome!

  43. Margie Kozich says

    My younger self inspires me to run. Love yourself enough to acknowledge that age doesn’t have to extinguish a passion.

  44. Audri says

    I became inspired to run after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I spent five years recovering from a major flare, and when I finally felt well, my daughter wanted to join Girls on the Run. Now we are doing a 5k each month and I am signed up for my first half in April!

  45. Julie Bent says

    I am a nurse and I am inspired to run by my patients who cannot run. When I want to stop I think of a certain patient I have cared for and I think about their struggles …. Their strength and I am able to keep going. That is who inspires me.

  46. Ronna James says

    My 4 kids inspire me. I want to be a good example to them. I also want them to see what you can accomplish with hard work and dedication.

  47. Olivia Frempong says

    My three beautiful children inspire me to run. I have a three year old and 18 month old twins, so Ive been a very busy mommy. They bring me so much joy but it is also hard at times. When I run, I have a sense of freedom, I gain energy and strength to come back and be a brand new refreshed mama for my babes. I am also inspired by my Lord and Saviour. People have told me that I could never be a runner and my faith has given me ability to believe otherwise.

  48. says

    Many women have inspired me to begin my journey with running. What has motivated me to stay after it so passionately, however, is my husband. He inspires me to be the best I can be. I know I’ll never catch him, but it’s fun to work like I could . It is wonderful to have a mutual interest that we can share, compare, fight, and celebrate about together.

  49. Annika Russell says

    So many things inspire me!!!! First, my brother who was paralyzed from waist down 13 years ago in a snowmobiling accident. He continues to be an avid weight lifter, runs (well pushes his chair) and rides a bike. The fact that he gets out there and puts in a few miles encourages me to leave all my excuses at the door and hit the road. If my brother can’t come up with an excuse not to, than how can I. Second, I’m inspired by all the other runners out there. I love how we are all so supportive of each other no matter how fast, slow, or far we run. We are always happy and encouraging each other.

  50. Lisa says

    I have 3 people in my life that I feel have truly helped and inspired my journey into becoming a runner. While they still each have an impact on me…I have to say that every milestone I reach while becoming a better version of myself keeps me inspired. Every time I lace up and head out I want to accomplish more than I did the time before.

  51. Laura Follett says

    My children inspire me! I want to be fit and healthy to live as long as possible and to be a good example to them!

  52. Mary says

    I was inspired to run initially by seeing friends getting out there, and now I am inspired to run because it makes me a better person, wife, and mother. I am showing my kids that being healthy and taking time for yourself is important, and that setting challenges through running is a living example of what I tell them all the time : ‘Not easy’ isn’t the same as ‘Too Hard’.

  53. Robin says

    My cousin Diana inspires me, she is a firefighter, paramedic, Triathlete, all around wonderful women & mother. I did my 1st “athletic” event because of and with her -a Tough Mudder in 2012. I have done several Duathlons and 5k’s since then, in just a few days I run my 1st half Marathon & in June she and I are doing the Great Lakes 100 Tri/DU . She has been so encouraging offering much advice and been my cheerleader since day one….

  54. Joy says

    My friend Leah inspires me to run. When I first met her, she has always been the most adventurous person I know, and finally, she challenged me to run a certain distance in order for her to sponsor me in a fundraiser. I took her up on the challenge, and thus the journey began and I haven’t looked back. She is my trainer and cheif encourager as well as a great friend. I am thankful for her introduction and inspriation.

  55. Jen says

    I believe I was given the gift to be able to run and run well when healthy. I have been through many challenges that make me question if I should keep going, such as being hit by a car when running, a bike wreck in a tri race, which resulted in elbow surgery, three stress fractures. Yet, I always fight back and it reminds me how lucky I am to be able to run and to reap all the benefits that come with it. It has brought me community, friends, awards, therapy, and so much more.

  56. Michele says

    My dad has always been my inspiration to run. Since I was small, I was a spectator at all of his races from 5ks to marathons. Every Thanksgiving there is a local 9 miler that I’ve attended since I was 5. This year I was FINALLY able to run it with my dad instead of just cheering from the sidelines. It was a wonderful experience and a memory I’ll always cherish. My dad is my hero and now I’m his. :)

  57. Sheri says

    I am inspired to run by all those who’ve been “there and done that” before me who always say to do something for myself. Between husband, kids, house, job, and more I have always had a hard time justifying doing something for me. Running is for me. I do it only for me. I don’t do it to impress anyone besides myself. I don’t do it to inspire pride from anyone but myself. Running makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself. I am not a perfect size two but I can run 10 miles and that makes me proud….and when I hear my daughter tell someone “My mom likes to run”, well, that makes me pretty proud too.

  58. Melissa says

    I was inspired to run about 4 years ago when my co-worker, Kelli, ran her first marathon. I talked a few of my friends to join me in cheering Kelli on during her race. We picked a park where we could “meet up” with Kelli and cheer her on for about 3 miles (miles 17-20) of her run. We took the light rail to the park, wearing jeans and flip-flops with coffee mugs and purses in hand, and ready to cheer Kelli on. Kelli got to the about an hour after when we expected her and she broke into tears as soon as she saw us – her running partner had injured her knee at mile 7 (so Kelli had been alone for nearly 10 miles), and Kelli had found out one week prior that she was pregnant with her first child! Due to the pregnancy and her rapidly changing body, Kelli was experiencing pain that she’d never felt during training. BUT, Kelli was bound and determined to finish that marathon, so my friends and I stuffed our coffee mugs into our purses and took off down the road with Kelli. We walk/jogged the remainder of the race with Kelli, and the next week I signed up for my first marathon…and have been running ever since!

  59. Jennifer Lee says

    I was inspired to start running 3.5 years ago by a friend who is a single mom and had begun running. Also by my brother who was on his first deployment overseas. He took up running while overseas and had since run marathons and ultramarathons.

  60. Katie Durham says

    My daughters are avid soccer players and I often found myself sitting on the sidelines close to 100lbs over weight telling them to run harder/faster. It was so hypocritical of me. I decide to make some changes for myself and for them. We often run together now and I finished 2 half marathons and a full marathon this year! SO proud of my girls and myself!

  61. Tina Sharples says

    I am inspired by the sisterhood created through this amazing sport. So many people talk about women not being loyal to other women… running women are women of integrity, of commitment, of passion, encouragement, enthusiasm, we have heart… we cheer each other on as we pave the path of living our dreams!! Pick me! Pick me!!

    • says

      I was inspired to run for my mom. She always had so much energy and she became ill with cancer. She beat that and now has COPD with 26% lung capacity and she still keeps fighting! She is a courageous woman and if she can fight to stay alive, I can run in honor of her and stay healthy! (Love you mom)

  62. Ruth says

    Many reasons I run but I started out because my military daughter was leaving to be in another country and I knew I would not see her for over 2 years. I could not even run around 1 lap around the Junior High track we live by. Another reason I had a puppy with alot of energy. So we started training together. Then it became therapy with my hardships with family matters. I love to run and live to run now. Inspiration has come from other runners for me, to never give up no matter what in life and running.

  63. Melissa says

    My mom inspires me to run. My mom started running when she was in college, and she always hoped that I would become a runner. Instead, I played soccer for 12 years and insisted that running was only worth it if I was chasing a ball. I decided to start running in college in order to lose a few pounds, but I quickly became addicted to the “runner’s high”. Mom was right. :) Unfortunately, my mom passed away from cancer four years ago at the young age of 53. I’m turning 30 next year, and I’m running my first half marathon in March. This one’s for you, Mom!

  64. A-Lau says

    My “Running Girls” inspire me to run. These “RGs” consist of a group of 5 women (6, if I include myself), all in our mid-30s and early 40s. We run together to encourage each other and to catch up on our girl time. When we can’t run together, we do a daily-check in using group texts, reporting our run time, mileage and a brief story about how the run went. Our running connection inspires me daily – to get out there and run, to set new goals and to have the courage to attempt my goals. I know they have my back – good run or a bad one. It was through running that I have grown to know, love and admire my Running Girls.

  65. says

    My father inspires me to run. Not because he’s a runner, but because he passed away three days after he turned 49 from a heart attack. He was overweight and smoked two packs a day. He was a wonderful father and human being with bad habits. I run with him in my heart because I know he would want me to and I know he would want me to learn from his mistakes and live a healthy active life. I run to inspire other people. Since I started running almost two years ago, I have found many people who told me that they were inspired to run and change their lives because they watched me change mine. While I inspire them to run, they inspire me to keep running. It’s a beautiful cycle of runners inspiring runners, which also happens to be one of my segments that I write about. <3

  66. Shana Bevan says

    Being a 2 time cancer survivor, running allows me to feel healthy and realize how far I have come while depending on inner strength to help me through it all.

  67. Amy Dysart says

    The feeling I get when running out in nature on the trails inspires me to run. Clears my head, destresses my senses, calms my nerves. It’s inspiring.

  68. jessica says

    I have a Scottish friend who is know a grandma and runs marathons. I am a young mom and am pushing for my 1st marathon this next fall. She is my inspired running friend.

  69. Danielle says

    My friend Hope is who inspired/inspires me to run. She just gets out and goes. She loves it and is not competitive about it. She doesn’t mind slowing down for me to run with her. We are just able to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings every time we run. She inspired me to run my first half!

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