GIVEAWAY: Win a Wholly Bites Paleo-Perfect Variety Basket

Enter by November 29th

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GIVEAWAY: Win a Wholly Bites Paleo-Perfect Variety Basket - running inspiration

Enter by November 29th!

Win a Wholly Bites basket of Cocoa Almond Clusters, Apricot Pecan Clusters, Sesame Chia Cubes & Cocoa Nib Cubes!

Finding the perfect pre-run fuel is a beautiful thing … but it can be a challenge. Especially when you care deeply about the ingredients you put in your body. See below for how to enter this giveaway.

The Wholly Bites giveaway basket contains:

  • 1 6oz bag of Cocoa Almond Clusters (a personal favorite – so delicious!)
  • 1 6 oz bag of Apricot Pecan Clusters (tastes as amazing as peanut brittle!)
  • 3 2oz packs of Cacao Nib Cubes (portable, bite-sized)
  • 3 2oz packs of Sesame Chia Cubes (portable, bite-sized)

Lisa Turner, recipe creator and co-founder of Boulder-based Wholly Bites, is passionate about nutrition. As runners and athletes, the food we eat powers our runs. By choosing healthier, more natural foods, we can achieve even greater results during training runs. When we eat good, we feel good.

Both the Clusters and Cubes make for incredible pre-run snacks as they contain organic dates balanced with ingredients like sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, and pumpkin seeds. Wholly Bites is considered paleo-perfect because they are grain-free and made only with whole, organic fruits, nuts, seeds and superfoods, to supply your body with lots of protein, fiber and clean-burning energy.

As a company, Wholly Bites gives 1% to First Descents to empower young adult cancer fighters with free outdoor activities.

5 reasons why Wholly Bites Clusters & Cubes make for a superb pre-run snack:

1. All of their products are free of agave, sugar, barley malt, rice syrup, or any other refined or processed sweeteners. The energy kick you get from Wholly Bites is natural!

2. Their cubes are raw, unlike most bars, so they retain maximum enzyme and nutritional value. They use superfoods like hemp, chia and raw cacao nibs, which have high concentrations of antioxidants, protein and fiber.

3. Their products are packed in a gluten-free facility, and are safe for people with celiac disease.

4. They are 100 percent organic and free of GMOs. All of their products are free of corn, soy, dairy and other common food sensitivities.

5. One serving of their cubes offers as much fiber as a cup of broccoli and as much protein as an egg.

Win a Wholly Bites basket of Cocoa Almond Clusters, Apricot Pecan Clusters, Sesame Chia Cubes & Cocoa Nib Cubes!How to enter the Wholly Bites Giveaway:

Share below in a comment one tip or positive trick you have for staying wholly committed to your running goals/schedule during the winter months. Details, please! 

Enter by November 29th!

Winner will be randomly chosen from all entries on December 2nd, and notified by email. Good luck! 



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  1. Ann Williams Folsom says

    I belong to a training group. One session turned to why we run. Every woman there agreed. It was to fight off the blahs and depression. I was surprised, but have to agree. Running makes you a lot happier than couch sitting. When I can, I prefer outside with a face gaiter (to warm up the air before it hits my lungs), but when the weather is lousy, I will run the track at our local Park and Rec gym.

  2. Rebecca Wolfe says

    I stay motivated during the winter by using the buddy system. Due to the time change when I get home it’s dark so my kids take turn riding their bikes with a headlight with me. I keeps me moving a little faster even sometimes and it gets my kids out of the house :) a win – win all around.

  3. Alma M says

    I registered for the Disney Marathon in January. This will be my first marathon since 2004, 2 kids later and 40 lbs less. I did so poorly in 2004 that I really am focused on training and trying to adapt healthy eating habits. Now that it gets cold, I start my workout with short resistance trainings and when my muscles are warmed up, I go out and run.

  4. Angela says

    I stay motivated just by the shear fact that running had a huge part in losing almost 90 lbs. I love running in the cold vs. running in the heat so winter is prime time for me. I try to plan out with my husband the night before and just do it.

  5. Jesse James says

    I stay motivated during the winter by running the Huff 50k Trail Run every Dec and if I’m still healthy, I keep hurting my knees training to hard on the trails, I run one marathon in January or February.

  6. Jacqueline Post says

    I always am sure to schedule my runs ahead of time; running is treated like an appointment, If I’m traveling, I’ll go online and research outdoor trails and gyms in the area, so I’m prepared when I arrive. Another huge motivator is my pup, Tinker. No matter how cold out it is, she is always ready to run outside. Finally, I am extra forgiving of missing a day here or there and/or eating a little bit more than I should on the holidays. Instead of beating myself up, I just move past it and start out healthier the next day.

  7. Amy Triptow says

    New gear, new races, and a quick run on the treadmill when I only have time for a quick couple of miles on those busy holiday days. Also, a big Spring race for motivation to keep improving!

  8. Hallie says

    I sign up for a spring race and by myself some super awesome new winter running gear. I’ll feel guilty if I’m not using the new gear I sprang for and if I neglect my training!

  9. Katelin Morton says

    I am doing a 10k running program that post on Facebook so everyone can see if I ran. Plus I take my workout clothes to work so I just change at work before I leave the building. This is a way for me not to come up with excuses and I don’t have to go home to change and then get sidetracked.

  10. Sara says

    I have signed up for my first half marathon in December and a 10K in March trying to find a race in January and February to keep me moving. I recently moved from New York to Texas and lost my favorite running places and running buddies. Figure paying for races will keep me moving.

  11. Rachel says

    Signing up for a race in January is keeping me motivated, but more than that having a running partner means i am accountable to someone else. We motivate and support each other even if we are not running together. Knowing that she knows my running schedule makes me go out and run despite the cold.

  12. Katherine DeCoito says

    Sign up for a race and prepare with a few committed friends. Running buddies are essential to my success and commitment!

  13. Lisa Hahn says

    I sign up for a spring race so I stay motivated. This year I am training for the Raleigh Rock and Roll marathon in April. Knowing I have a reason to get out there and be consistent helps keep me motivated and excited.

  14. Dani says

    Sticking to meeting up with my usual running group always helps in the cold weather! That and new gear! Just got a pair of new thermal tights I can’t wait to try out!

  15. Libbey says

    I love running in cold weather! But anytime I begin to feel unmotivated, I bring a friend along or think of how great I will feel after!

  16. says

    Treat yourself to a new winter running wardrobe! You have to buy winter clothes, why not winter running clothes? New, fresh, colorful, fun, and warm running gear is enough to get me motivated to get up early, get dressed and get out the door!

  17. Brenda says

    Great friends! Having friends with common goals gets you out and going. It’s much easier to get out on the road when there’s someone who is counting on you to go with them.

  18. Danielle says

    I just go home! Where I live for school is very flat and boring to run around. Home, where my parents are, is surrounded by beautiful trees and neighborhoods and HILLS!! (I promise you don’t miss hills until you don’t have them…)

  19. Winn says

    I love morning runs where the snow falls and my headlamp lights the way. It’s so pretty that I look forward to winter runs. I am also signed up for two 5ks as a push.

  20. amari says

    To stay motivated, I do different exercises such as tabata polymetrics and body weight exercises. I like to do warmups before instead of stretxhing because it prevents injury for me. I also see how far my favorite track stars, Allyson Felix and Lolo Jones went and anytime I don’t want to run I tell myself “no excuses”.

  21. Kerry Stubbs says

    I have signed up for as many races as I can — including a half-marathon, a Christmas Eve morning 5K, and a New Year’s Eve morning 5K!


    My step mom has asked me to do a triathlon with her and I am so proud of the changes she has made that I said yes. My husband and I are switching gyms so we can swim in the winter. Also I use our stationary bike at home and sneak away to a conference room at work to jump rope for twenty minutes when I can’t get in a run.

  23. Carrie A. says

    I stay committed by finding a Spring race to train for. I also dust off my cross training DVD’s and do something new and exciting and fun every day! The treadmill can get boring, so I use the winter months to really work on strength training, and flexibility while also incorporating running.

  24. Janine says

    It’s easier to stay motivated in the winter months by signing up for some races. Nothing makes you feel better than a run on a chilly morning!

  25. Brit says

    There are a lot of reasons for me to keep running through the winter months. I never thought about it though until this post. For me, it is just a matter of will, a matter of pain I am willing to endure to continue my training for my 10k next June, and a half-marathon later in 2014 (with the hope of many other races in between). I used to make excuses for not getting up in the morning to go run, but that changed this year, and now I can’t sleep past 7am! I never had the determination to run as much as I do now, and I don’t want the winter months to take that determination away from me. I’ve been preparing the last two months for them, talking with other runners, who have a lot more experience than I do, looking for running groups that run through the winter months (I found two that I will be joining), and I am setting goals on what I want to be able to do.

  26. Angela Putt says

    I stay motivated by reading inspirational stories and comments from other runners. If I am not up to running outside then I go to the gym. That way weather is no excuse.

  27. Liz says

    I love winter running, so motivation is not a problem. But..i did sign up for my first Boston, so that is always in the back of my mind as a reminder that I should go far!

  28. Becky says

    I registered for a half in feb so no slacking and accountability with friends. Buying some cute winter running clothes helps too!

  29. Lucy bartholomew says

    If you don’t focus on the weather outside, forget the rain and chilly breeze and just go out wanting to train and remembering that feeling at the end… And of course the shower and hot meal waiting for your arrival (start planning that during your run so your well- prepared)

  30. Genna says

    On positive trick I have for staying “wholly” committed to my running goals and schedule during the winter months is to have a habit of doing it. Went out to eat this past weekend and it made me sick. The habit I created by eating clean at home was amazing to see that it really does make the difference. Also I’m seeing the scale drop in weight. yay!!!!

  31. Lauren says

    My best friend and I have registered for our first half marathon in February! No excuses even when it’s cold or dark this winter season- have to get those miles in! We’ve even gotten a group of people from work to sign up too…fitness witness!

  32. Peggy Anne says

    I started tracking my foods and exercise everyday. Seeing what I eat and how much exercise offsets my daily calories gives me the extra motivation to run an extra mile or do 20 min of yoga. That extra little bit allowed me to have a glass of yummy chocolate milk after my run today!

  33. rosie king zander says

    I say to myself everyday ” No pain No gain” its only one hour out of my day I can and will conquer this, then I get to my workout.

  34. Julie says

    I sign up for a winter 1/2 marathon! I’ll be running the Austin Half marathon on feb 16th. This will be my second year running it. It kept me straight with my running last winter.

  35. Maddy says

    During the winter months I hit the track and treat myself to a nice athletic ear warmers and new nike full leg running tights. I also register for a late winter race.

  36. Janey McCauley says

    I always plan ahead that’s the key,wherever I’m gona be for holidays I research area and make out route for running and I always go slow at TG dins and Christmas Day:) eat slowly and you won’t make bad decisions:) but most of all enjoy family and friends for most of us it’s just one day we get to see some people.xx

  37. says

    I stay motivated by reminding myself how good I feel when I’ve finished a great run–there’s no better feeling in the entire world. You will never regret exercising. And that is the absolute truth. I also give myself goals to work on every month and keep myself accountable by sharing my goals with others. On my blog, I find that I am motivated by my followers and fellow bloggers who are runners. I am inspired to keep moving, to push harder and to remind myself that running is a GIFT every day! :)

  38. Jennifer McCown says

    Keeping to my running routine no matter the season is something I MUST do, especially in the winter. It is all too easy to give in to the warm and cozy comfort of the indoors, but if I do give in, I will feel defeated. My release from the chaos of my life IS my running. It soothes my soul and relieves my worries. I stick to running in the winter times just by simply doing it. I don’t think it, I just plan it in to my everyday as if it was necessary to function. I plan my class schedule around my running, that way I can be sure to run at the warmest times of the day during the winter. Even regardless if its snowing, raining, sleeting, or winds of 35+ mph blowing against me, I still suit up, and run. It’s my way of life.

  39. says

    My friend talked me into running the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston this last April, so I started training to run. I had played soccer in high school, but my running days were long gone. So I thought! Well her little convincing has sparked a love for running that I never knew was there! I am now training for not one, not two, but four half marathons this next year and I plan on doing a full marathon before 2015.

  40. says

    I am new to running, little over a year, and the first two miles are ALWAYS so hard for me. I just keep telling myself to get past that two mile marker and it will get easier and it does. The feeling that I get after I complete a run is so good that I wish I can bottle that feeling!!! I completed my first 1/2 marathon and can’t wait to do another in another state.

  41. Carrie Morgan says

    I register for the Gate River Run and a half marathon for the beginning of the year which forces me to train during the winter months. I also do more hiking in the winter to be sure I am staying active. I love nature in Florida in the cold..less bugs and snakes!

  42. Kate W. says

    I sign up for a run in early spring to give me a goal to get to. I love running through the winter: crisp cold mornings, little to no other foot traffic, and hot coffee after. :-)

  43. Dawn Tibbitts says

    I have registered for a 5K on New Year’s Day along with a half-marathon in April so that I remain on track for running/training. Also, I love running in the winter/snow here in Michigan especially when the houses are lit up with Christmas lights. The air is so nice and cool and silent then the snow lightly falls. It makes me look forward to running during the winter.

  44. Lynsay Bernstein says

    I had hip surgery at the age of 29 and was told I may never run. I got out there and ran my first 5k 6 months later. In two years I have run almost 40 races, raising about $12,000 for many charities, mainly LUNGevity. I hav runs my halfs and even the NYC Marathon this past November. What keeps me going..thinking of the future. Making a new goal after each race for the next race. Keep reaching for the stars!

  45. Ashley Ferris says

    I have my son run with me and we sign up for runs in the spring. This way I keep my self fit and my son off the computer.I also take advantage of the treadmill at the gym on very bad weather days.

  46. says

    Running keeps me from going crazy, so i stay running year round. When it’s cold, I move inside to a treadmill to remove the cold factor of the equation and I run on my lunch breaks so that I dont have to get out of bed extra early.

  47. Heather Riggins says

    I love Running and working out, its my heart and love! It’s when I don’t do it (rest day), I’m still thinking about training, and sometimes do. Although, I know rest is crucial as well. I am very strict, consistent and a highly motivational person. I love to motivate others! I have lost 60lbs. I am just such a bubbly, postive, outgoing, individual, I stay motivated. Always setting goals is important, mini-goals in life and Never give up… If your your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough… Shoot for the stars… :)

  48. Leah Wasnewsky says

    I just started running this year, and registered for my first Spartan and first half-marathon for next spring, so I NEED to stay motivated.

  49. Theresa Blackburn says

    I am a full time working mother of three busy children. Every run has to count for me bc my time is limited. In the fall I register for run for the eary part of the year. This forces me to stick to my goal. Staying committed to training and also makes me less likely to over ear during the holidays. I don’t wanna ruin my accomplishments with training. I

  50. Norman Lanford says

    Get out and stay active everyday! The weather is beautiful & the cold weather just makes for better exercise & PRs of you run or bike. Get out with Family, sign up for 5ks, 10ks or half marathons with the family. Only you can decide whether you want to sit on the couch everyday during the break but those who are committed will eat healthy, get out and stay active & share this same good advice to their friend about how much doing all these simple things has helped them live a healthy lifestyle for which we can all be thankful for so GET OUT & STAY ACTIVE! -Norman Lanford-

  51. Stephanie Rogers says

    I just have to make myself do it. And i read lots of blogs, articles and books about running to stay motivated. I also see how I’m changing and becoming better every day because I run.

  52. says

    Registering for a spring race is the best way to keep me motivated through the winters months. Having that goal to work towards is a great way to stay on track. In fact, I have two races on the calendar for the spring! :)

  53. Emily Childers says

    During these cold winter months, I always wake up and tell myself “If you wait until you have the perfect conditions to run, then you will always be waiting!” Whether it’s raining, snowing, hot, or cold, running is always as enjoyable as you want it to be. One person’s least favorite running conditions can be another person’s most ideal! It’s all about your mental mindset.

  54. Natalie says

    I have my finisher medals hung up in a central location, so every time I walk past, I remember what I need to do to get back to the finish line!

  55. Maria Andrade says

    I love running it’s my. “Me time” only me and my thoughts. I forget about everything and everyone and just go, focus on my goals…

  56. Gary S says

    I want to run and improve my stamina while running along the beautiful scenery outside my door. Stay active, feel good type of mode.

  57. says

    I’ve only been running a couple of years. While I acknowledge running in cooler weather is definitely better and easier than the hot, muggy stuff we experience often in St. Louis, I hate the cold! Last winter I invested in some winter running gear, got tips from the running store on layering and ran a bit more than I did the first winter. But, it’s the battle of the mind every morning. I have no trouble getting up early and out the door for my Crossfit class inside – it’s the thought of going out in the dark and cold to run outside that I have to work on. It’s still a struggle but it helps that I work from home so I’m able to work several hours and then go out in mid-morning or so after the sun is up and it warms up a bit.

    Signing up for spring training with a running group helps a lot too! Having others to run with makes the cold more tolerable.

  58. Heather says

    Registering for monthly races helps. Also I put a treadmill in my family room so it is a constant reminder to run even if I try to tell myself it’s too cold or snowy outside.

  59. Lisa Hopping says

    I’ve been a runner since I was in 4th grade but never ran past 4 miles until this year. Did my first 10k then 1/2 marathon now training for a triathlon. Thanks to running with others who challenge you, inspire you and hold you accountable with your nutrition and exercise. My winter routine I sign up for a race each month to hold myself accountable for continual training on the “brrrrr”. Lots of fun runs to be had for xmas & V-day as it is :). Seeing that race on the calendar allows me keep a mental check of my eating habits & exercise routine. Then I also get my kids involved (age 6 & 11). We shop for warm, fun, funky hats, gloves and gear. Sons bday is Dec 19, daughters is Jan 1 (min is dec 9) so we get these fun things as gifts or eachothers bdays then look forward to using them on our winter runs (my kids like to run or bike with me on MY runs, or our hikes or any outside advenures. Getting them involved keeps me motivated and makes it fun, too. Plus, eating right during the winter keeps me energized, away from winter blues and more likely to keep up with my kids. Meal prep in advance helps to stay away from those party foods especially if they are a day or two before a race or long run.

  60. says

    To stay motivated during the winter, I look at a picture of myself 40 pounds heavier and the racing medals and shirts and then the non-runners around me and tell myself, ” If you don’t run today, you will be like them.” That does it; I AM a runner – therefore get out and do it!

  61. says

    I always have a goal in mind, like next spring ill do my first TRI, and the training starts now! It gives me winter motivation! I also give myself a weekly schedule to stick to, and a plan B. Sometimes we unfortunately are faced with injury or have to change the game plan, so I always try and have a plan B.

    • Lisa Hopping says

      I am training for my first Tri in the spring/summer too but still in the process of narrowing down details. Any tips on books, links or facebook sites to check out? (from Cincinnati & doing one close to there).

  62. Julie Bent says

    I have been running for about 3 years. I live in Maine where we have plenty of cold weather, wind, ice and snow.I ran outside last winter for at least 3x/week…and loved it. My secrets….First I have plenty of cold weather gear and I purchase fun colorful outfits that keep me warm and allow me to move freely. Second ..if necessary.. I have several pair of yak trax (grippers) for my running shoes. Third…if I go out then my faithful companion Pickle..(my dog) also gets some great exercise…and Fourth..because of ice and snow I may be slower than usual. I take this time to work on my form…enjoy new tunes or just take in the beautiful winter scenery, especially after a fresh snow.

    • Lisa Hopping says

      i like the idea of taking time to try new tunes during slower runs on the ice. Its easy for ppl to see that as a chance to not run. Question: I slip like crazy on ice and worry about twisting my ankle.. do you gave certain shoes you wear?

  63. Denise says

    I injured my neck while training for my very first 1/2 marathon. With the help of shots and a wonderful chiropractor, I was able to run 3 miles and walk 10. That was in 2011. The pain was so intense that I was terrified to start running again. Then I was diagnosed with every type of food allergy you can think of. I woke one morning and every joint ached like I had been hit by a Mack truck. With the help of my doctors and a very strict gluten free diet, I’ve registered for my second 1/2 run in March 2014. I’m training now putting every effort towards proper training, proper attire and proper nutrition. My future was very dim, but now the sky’s the limit or should I say the finish line!

  64. Shay says

    I have two major things I do. First is after every run I mark it on my calendar. That way at a glance I can check to make sure I never go more than 2 days without a run. Second is by signing up for winter races that benefit a cause. It makes me feel motivated to work harder, in appreciation of the fact that there are others that aren’t as blessed as me to be able to run the race themselves.

  65. Kim Sheehan says

    Registering for a race is a great way to keep it going all winter(register for a Disney race it’s warm!). Having the right clothes for the weather makes a big difference too. I also get up early for my long runs to avoid running when it gets dark.

  66. Tonya Inkelaar says

    I have been running for 5 years and in a little over 1 week I am going to run a race with my niece. It will be her first 5k. I am so proud of her and hope that I have inspired her to continue on with more 5k’s!

  67. Tiffany Wertman says

    I am very goal oriented and am not happy until I reach whatever goal I set, and as soon as I reach it, I have a new speed or distance I set for myself to achieve. I don’t care how cold or dark it is, if I haven’t hit my goal, I’m out running and not content until I can set the next one.

  68. Monica says

    Have been running now for 2 months, so here in TN the weather can be cold or warm right now. But my husband keeps me motivated to keep up the good work. I have lost 10+ pounds since started running and working out.

  69. Renee BEnson says

    I sign up for the next race so I know I have to stay in training and I make dates to run with a friend as often as possible so there are no excuses. Also bought a treadmill for those bitter cold days or late night runs for safety reasons and so I don’t get to say “I can’t run today”. NO EXCUSES

  70. Ashley Torres says

    I stared running because I needed to lose weight(lost 70 pounds since jan 2013) At first I couldn’t even walk a mile in 25 mins. Within 6 months, I am running my 4th half marathon and running 5 days a week. It’s my release. Cold running sucks because I’m a california girl so I bundle up and strip as I get warm. I love the feel of the cool air hitting my sweaty skin. Cools me down and keeps me going!

  71. Julie says

    I started running after having my heart broken a few months ago. It has helped me emotionaly and now, I can see it is helping me physically. I am mid 40′s so it’s never too late to start.

  72. KimV says

    I have posted pics from my wedding 6 years ago on mirror to motivate me to get back in shape like I was then. I remarried at 42 after being widowed at 38 and vowed to get in best shape ever then for self and kids. Since then have had stress fracture in hip then hysterectomy so this is my year to run and stay injury free no matter what! Bring on the dread mill!

  73. Amy Triptow says

    I don’t have any running friends in my hometown so, I make sure to keep up with my friends on our running apps. Even though they don’t live close by, they help keep me motivated. They also push me to keep going because I am a year behind their training. Plus knowing they are expecting me to run our hometown half marathon in February, keeps me going.

  74. says

    I am really lucky and I live in Hawaii so I don’t have a winter slump to put up with. However, I think even without a winter time there are times when you just don’t feel like running! How I stay committed then is by signing up for races and keeping my goals in the front of my mind as much as possible. I WILL run a marathon in every state – and I have to stay motivated to do it. I also tape inspirational running quotes and a map of the US on the inside of my medicine cabinet. I see it when I get ready in the morning and get ready for bed at night – a constant reminder! :)

  75. Daniel Mumford says

    I have a massive goal of a 40Mile Ultra at the end of March! The thought of failure is enough to drag my butt out of bed. Running to work in the dark with just a headtorch at 5.30am is so worthwhile when your colleagues ask where your car is and I’m saving money! BOOM!

  76. Amy says

    Registering for a spring half and full marathon keeps me motivated to keep pushing myself out the door, even on the days I don’t feel like it!

  77. Dawn says

    To make sure I stick to my goals, I try to sign up for at least one race a month & I set running dates with my running group on weekends. It helps to motivate me out of bed on cold, dreary mornings!

  78. Joshua Wimberley says

    Put your money where your shoes are! Set your daily or weekly run goals with your running friends. Anyone that comes up short of goal treats the group to a weekend breakfast!

  79. Temre Johnson says

    I make “dates” to run with friends after work so neither person has to run alone. And I have signed up for races that will require me to keep my miles up!

  80. says

    I stayed committed by planning a schedule, signing up for races, and just knowing I am committed to getting stronger and faster. On Sundays I run with group and I also have a running coach that sends me a weekly plan!

  81. Ruth says

    I have my Golden Retrevier-Macy who wakes me every morning to go running. She is stubborn girl who wil NOT let me sleep in past 6:30am even on the weekends ..Kind of hard to sleep in with her making pig like noises to get up. She is my mojo to kick me into running no matter if it is raining or snowing..We have started as a team when she was a puppy and continue working on improving..(more me).

  82. says

    If I don’t have a race to look forward to within the month I have to reward myself in other was to stay motivated. I set up reward for a week, or month of training or if I hit a new PR. The rewards range from a dougnut to new gear to some time off. I like having these short term goals to look forward to. It is the knowing that I am going to get something that helps keep me going through the times were there is nothing else to look forward to in the cold winter months!

  83. Lori Reimer says

    Sign up for runs that helps me stay focused have four before the end of the year! One in Jan, and a two in March! So do not have a choice but to remain focus! Lucky for me my company is sponsoring me in 2 of them!

  84. says

    I enjoy running in the cold weather, but some days are still tough. Each winter I buy myself a new gear or clothing item that I am excited to use – last winter it was a reflective jacket, and now I have a new headlamp for early winter mornings.

  85. grm059 says

    I always sign up for a race in February so I’ll keep running during the winter months when it’s icky outside. It definitely keeps me motivated!

  86. alexandra van pelt says

    Weather here in the Black Hills varies from day to day. I take advantage of the nice days when I can. I cross train or use the treadmill otherwise. What keeps me going is registering for races. This coming March I have my first half marathon so I can’t slack.

  87. Julie says

    I enjoy running in the cold weather. It is very invigorating. But I do plan out runs I want to do in the spring/summer so I am not tempted to take time off in the winter.

  88. Jill Kibler says

    Living in Michigan & dealing with cold temperatures & not seeing the sun for weeks at a time is always an excuse to stay indoors and veg out. However, signing up for a half marathon in a warm climate keeps you training & your reward is…destination race! There’s no better feeling for me than running with the sun on my face and the smell of the ocean. Can’t wait for the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon on Feb. 15th:)

  89. Stephanie Frost says

    I stay inspired and committed by signing up for my next event after I’ve completed one. It gives me something specific to train for and strive to beat my last time.

  90. Janna N says

    I hate the cold weather, so I sign up for as many runs as I can find. That way I have to keep running so that I can complete the runs. It can get expensive, but I have found that often I can exchange volunteer time for entry.

  91. Jimnahs Miller says

    Registering for a mid-May Ragnar event for the last 2yrs has kept me focused on my daily workouts. The easy run, intervals, cross-training and long runs are shared in the pre-dawn hours with my friend from high school. Twenty years after running track and cross-country together, we’ve found each other again. I’m very lucky to have someone hold me accountable, even on my fat days, after sleepless nights, and when my legs feel like lead. Knowing we both are on a Ragnar Relay team in the Spring requires winter workouts. Plus, I get to work on my ice tan!

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