GIVEAWAY: Win a Fitness and Nutrition Journal from fitlosophy

Enter by December 20th!

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With 2014 fast approaching, it’s time to reflect on the past year and celebrate your accomplishments.

What did you achieve in 2013? Use that incredible momentum to look ahead into the next 365 days to go after new goals with gusto.


Win a fitbook, a personal 12-week fitness & nutrition journal!

GIVEAWAY: Win a Fitness and Nutrition Journal from fitlosophy

Enter by December 20th!

Fitbook is a journal that’s great for setting a 12-week goal — like something you want to achieve in late Spring or early Summer of 2014 — while also helping you achieve smaller goals on a weekly basis. These small weekly goals will help you reach your one big goal. Along the way, you can use fitbook to track progress by recording your workouts and runs. Also log your food intake so you can better understand how your nutrition can help you be the best runner and athlete you can be.

Creator of fitbook, Angela Manzanares is on a mission to inspire people to live life fit. Her company, fitlosophy creates these 12-week journals to help people lose weight, get healthy, or achieve a fitness goal.

Writing down your goals, according to research, is the key to reaching them. In one of the largest weight-loss studies to date, Kaiser Permanente asked nearly 1700 participants to eat healthy and exercise. Nearly 2/3 of participants lost 9 lbs over the 6-month period; however, those who used a diet tracker and fitness journal lost an average of 20 lbs – more than double the amount of the non-journalers.

Win a fitbook, a personal 12-week fitness & nutrition journal! - Run Inspired RUNspiration

How to enter the fitbook giveaway:

In a comment below, share two things: 1. the positive steps you’ve taken in 2013 to become a FIT RUNNER and 2. your running goals for 2014. Details, please!

Enter by December 20th!

Winner will be randomly chosen from all entries on January 7, and notified by email. Good luck! 


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  1. Melissa says

    In 2013, I started reading about cross-training. In the past 5 years, when I train for a marathon, I ran 5 days a week. There are many books about how cross-training can increase endurance and running efficiency. This training season (starting in January), I will be running 3 days a week, hot yoga 1 day, and indoor volleyball 1 day. I am hoping this will bring me to my 2014 goal…. the holy grail of marathons….Boston!! I would love to qualify for Boston.

  2. Jeri Sousa says

    For years, I would start and stop dieting. Excuses came easy and I honestly thought they were valid. I put everyone’s happiness before my own. In March, I joined a Fitness Challenge Group and everything changed. I lost 20 lbs in my frist 90 days. I MADE time for me. My family was still first, but I made myself a priority too. I worked out six days a week and loved the ME time! I am a better wife and mom because I now make time for me. I am also happier and healthier than I have been in years. The weight loss was just an added bonus!

  3. Jennifer says

    In 2013, I ran my first half marathon and raised money for a family member’s cancer fund.

    Goal for 2014 is 2 more half marathons and continuing to support cancer research funding!

  4. Christy says

    This year was my “year of no excuses”. When I wanted whine or complain about how poor my progress was I remembered that and tried to focus on what really happened. Most of the time it was a training or planning failure. Learning from that has been invaluable. I hope to take that to the new year, not focus on weight loss but on fitness gain. This is my year of the marathon, I have multiple steps to get there (weight, speed training, more mileage than a half marathonand cross training) each of those will be wonderful gains in their own right. I know I can do it!

  5. Linda Gail Voet says

    I have learned to eat better and have lost 22 lbs in the past 6 months by changing my eating habits and walking.
    I have always loved running & have been forced to walk instead due to injuries.
    In June 2013 I was in an auto accident and wasn’t even walking for exercise for several months. When I resumed walking I decided to set my goal on doing a 5K. I am proud to say last weekend I completed the Holiday Half 5K ;-)

  6. Meg says

    In 2013 I ran my 7th marathon since I started running on 2010. I even ran one with my 55 year old mother. In 2014 I hope to complete a 1/2 marathon every month. I have already registered for 5. I’m excited to make this my best running year ever.

  7. Kim B. says

    In 2013, I finally finished my bachelor degree; 20 years after starting and taking a long break. So my reward for earning my degree was to run in the 8 mile run around Mackinac Island, Michigan. It was absolutely beautiful … I ran the entire race with a shitty grin on my face; I was just having so much fun and taking in all of the beauty.

    2014: I am signed up to run my first 1/2 marathon in May. I am so excited, but I want to make sure I can run 13.1 miles so my goal is to run 14 miles. I figure if I can run 14; 13.1 will be more attainable. :)

  8. Shannon Cole says

    1)in 2013 I changed my workouts from just running 5 days a week to adding in weights 2 days and alternating…it has helped me to become a stronger runner

    2) My goals are to do 35 races next year in honor of turning 35 in March 2014 and a 1/2 marathon…which will be my 1st.

  9. Concetta Pucci says

    2013– After my hip arthroscopy in 2012, I got into shape very slowly by cycling and running alternatively. I felt good so I signed up and ran 10-mile race in spring. It was the best feeling especially after my surgery, But, I got sidetracked by traveling in summer and I run on and off. That resulted me to defer my entry for Marine Corps Marathon. Anyhow, I still commit to run at least 4 times a week. Every run is always 4 or 5 miles. This is becoming more stable and comfortable.

    2014– I want to reset and get better. I want to become more stronger by running beyond my comfort zone. I want to be more fierce and be more stronger! In fact, I already won lottery for Cherry Blossom 10-miler! I also will run in my Marine Corps marathon the one I deferred from this year. I am going to get more serious! I also want to change the way I eat. Be more healthy and be stronger!

    I am seriously considering to have a new year’s resolution committed by NOT eating any chocolates all year!! Can I do that?!!!! Ekk! :)

  10. Jamie Baker says

    I have been trying this running thing for a few years now. 2013 is when I finally became more consistent. It has not been a fun year and I can’t wait for it to be over, but I am thankful I had running and the running community. My goals for 2014? Well, I was supposed to run my first half this month, but it was canceled due to weather. So now I have 3 on my schedule for 2014. I have a mileage goal, but have written it down at 50% so I don’t fail. :)

  11. Amy hatfield says

    I have never ran before august. I joined a newbie running group. We completed a 5k and a 10k!!!!

    My goal this year is to run a half marathon. We start training in January to do the memorial half and full marathon. Our coach suggested that we get a journal. This would be perfect!!
    Merry Christmas

  12. Tracy says

    For 2013 I actually stated running again. Finished the whole trail running series and two half marathons despite the fact that I am slow. I am persistent though and keep going :)

    For 2014 I would really like to increase my speed and eat better. And run at least 5 half marathons :) All trail woohoo elevation gain!

  13. says

    In 2013, I committed to seriously training and ran my first 10k, my first Tough Mudder, and my first Ragnar! In 2014, I’m taking it to the next level and running a half marathon and a Spartan Race!

  14. Catherine Jonas says

    This year I finally dedicated myself to becoming a real runner and not someone who only jumps and the treadmill whenever i’m in the mood to. In September I ran my first race since I tore my ACL high school and completed the Disneyland half marathon. This coming year I plan to participate in as many races as I can as well as do the Disneyland half again to go for a new PR on that course.

  15. Jessica says

    2013 is the year I became a runner! I have completed several 5ks and run with friends a couple days a week and try to rum alone a couple days a week as well. I completed my 200 miles accumulative goal in less than. 3 months. I hope to run on my own 13.1 by December 31.
    2014 my mile goal for the year is 1000 I hope to do a few half marathons in the spring and summer and would love to complete a full marathon by the end of 2014. Lofty goals I have :)

  16. Heather says

    1. I committed to eating better and lost 20 pounds. I also, tried other things besides running, like cycling and triathlons.
    2. Continue to eat better would be my number 1 thing. I have several races planned throughout 2014 including the Tinkerbell and Princess Half Marathons as well as other cycle races and maybe another triathlon.

  17. Christie says

    1. In 2013, I learned to take better care of my body to make me a stronger runner; by incorporating yoga and cross-fit on my non running days.
    2. One goal for 2014 is to be more consistent with weekly speed workouts.

  18. Michelle Salo says

    1. I started focusing on running in 2013 and decided to do my first half marathon. 2013 also was my first 10K. What makes it so remarkable was that the year before, I had a Symphasis Pubic Dysfunction during my pregnancy which made walking, even sitting extremely painful. Even after I had my son in 2012, I still had a lot of pain associated with this. It wasn’t until March of 2013 that I could move without pain. I started running and completed my first half marathon in October. During this year, I have completed over 10 different races; something that I didn’t think that I would be able to do again.
    2. My goals for 2014 are to improve my 5K and 10K speeds and do 20 races throughout the year; at least one a month (January and February in PA make running a challenge for sure). I found the bug and won’t be stopped!

  19. Shawn Lane says

    1. I began my running journey in January of this year with C25K – my goal was to lose weight and be able to run a couple of miles – I’ve now finished my first 1/2 – a 10K – a ten miler and several 5ks – improving my time every time
    2. This coming year I want to continue and improve and add more cross training to my workouts – I’m already signed up for four 10 milers and want to do several more 1/2′s and I want to really soul search to decide if I’m ever going to do a full.

  20. Annette says

    My son has a learning impairment and struggles at school, I started running this year to show him no matter what happens in life you can achieve great things, you just have to give it a go. My goal this year was to run 5klm, I ended up entering a 14klm run thinking I would only make the 5 and walk, I stopped at 5 and a elderly lady passed me, I thought if she could do this I can to. I started running and to my surprise I finished in a time of 1 hour 39 minutes, I cried when I went over the finish line as I didn’t think I could run the whole way. My 18 year old daughter was so inspired she started running too, and my son has completed a few triathlons this year, I am so proud of them both.
    My goal for 2014 is to keep inspiring my children, and show them they can do anything, you just have to give it a go and not give up.

  21. Susan Irving says

    1. the positive steps I’ve taken in 2013 to become a FIT RUNNER are: I signed up for a membership at my local YMCA, I go almost everyday, I started using a 5k training app, I created an upbeat playlist to listen to while I workout, I post my workouts on facebook and twitter and I’ve started eating healthier 2. my running goals for 2014 are: to run my first mile, to run/walk my first 5k taking place on January 1st, to be able to run a 5k without having to do run/walk intervals, to sign up for as many local races as I can afford, to run a 10k and possibly even a half marathon. No easy feats for someone who is nearly 100 lbs overweight and just started running a few weeks ago.

  22. Jessica Bruns says

    1. I have become more dedicated to my weekly workout schedule, I have been slacking the past few weeks, but overall did great!
    2. Race goals: PR 1/2 Marathon and 5K distances!

  23. Steve D. says

    In 2013, I started running again after a 30 year absence. I ran and finished a 5K. In 2014, I want to run and finish a 10K and a half marathon.

  24. Kendall says

    In 2013 I started running and ran my first half marathon! My goals for 2014 are to keep up running throughout the year and run a few races, working to improve my time and endurance.

  25. Jen B. says

    I started working out with a great group of women this year. We motivate and inspire each other. I now do consistent strength training 2-3 days a week and track/speed workouts 1x per week and have noticed a difference in my running . I ran my first 1/2 and 2013 and ran my fastest 5k. Goals for 2014: run two 1/2 marathons, run a Ragnar Relay, and improve my 5k to beat my fastest time in 2013.

  26. Patricia says

    share two things: 1. the positive steps you’ve taken in 2013 to become a FIT RUNNER and 2. your running goals for 2014
    In 2013, I made the decision to run a half marathon. It had been 5 years since I had run regularly. I encouraged a few of my co-workers to run the half with me and we did it. I wasn’t fast and it took a lot, but I still did it. Along the way I realized that I am a runner. I got out and ran when I didn’t want to and learned that once I started running, I felt better. Along with completing the half, I also did 3 10k’s. In 2014, I want to do another half marathon, but this time I want to complete it in less time. I would like to get down to a 10 minute mile (what I was at 5 years ago).

  27. Melpo says

    1. I started the Couch to 5K program and worked to complete it…and did! Participated in 2-5Ks, didn’t have great time, but it was a great experience.
    2. In 2014, I want to do Couch to 5K again, only I want to work on speed this time, with a goal of completing it in 30 minutes or less.

  28. says

    This past year I started C25K and finished it with my 1st 5K on my last day of the program. I ran 2 more 5Ks and finished before my 30 minute goal. I am not a great runner “Yet”, but I’m better than I was .

    My goals for 2014 is to continue running and do a lot more 5Ks and finish at a faster minute each time.

  29. Shanna Kyle says

    I will be honest 2013 was a little struggle for me as long as getting more fit, but I did a great job at maintaining all year which is a huge plus for me… I love to run and do spin class, I also do p90x…. I slacked off this year and didn’t hit it as hard as I should, but I am back on track now and making it through the holidays so far losing weight instead of gaining… I could have waited until 2014 to start again but I decided to do it now.

    My running goals for 2014 is to complete my first 10k and my first 1/2 before the year is over… I have done a few 5k’s and done really good but let it slack off.. I’m back up to running 3.5 as my short run and trying to make 5 to 6 my long run… I’m hoping by next years turkey trot it will be my first 1/2.. If not before…

  30. Jura Owczarzak says

    1/1/2012 I weighed 221lbs!! My sister send me a photo of us from Labor Day weekend eating lobsters at Christmas time. I looked like Jaba the Hut!! Why hadn’t anyone told me I looked that bad???

    That was it, I made the decision to never look like that again!! At midnight on New Year’s Eve I made my husband get naked with me and we weighed in!! 221lbs – unbelievable !

    I started eating with portion control and by keeping a food journal – boy oh boy did I eat a lot! I realized the BLTs were what were getting me everyday; the Bites Licks and Tastes – the BLTs. I was taking so many tastes getting dinner ready I ate a whole dinner before I sat down and ate a whole dinner.

    Well as of this week I weigh 170 lbs – down 51 lbs – the weight of the average kindergarter.

    I began running about a month ago with the goal of running the NYC Marathon next November – I can do it – I know I can!

    Running is a freeing feeling and I can’t believe I’m actually doing it! This is going to be a good year – I can feel it coming!

    God Bless – Jura

  31. says

    In December of 2012 I made the decision that I needed to gain control of my health again. On January 1st I began a journey that has brought me to the 25 year old woman I am today. Since January 1, 2013 I have officially lost 85+ pounds and I’m still going. I gave myself specific goals spread out through the year. I found a home in running when I decided I wanted to do something that would challenge me. I am an athlete and have played volleyball/basketball since the age of 4 but I fell into a dark place and I had let my body go once I graduated college. I knew I needed something that would challenge me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I started out with walking/running and eventually ran my first 5k in April. I then scheduled myself for a 10k in June and then the Run Like a Girl Half-Marathon in October. I can’t even begin to describe my feelings after I crossed the finish line of the half, it was as if all the hard work and the pain I had over come over the course of the months prior to the race meant more to me that they had before the start of the race. The happy tears just kept coming. Then in November I ran a 5 mile race and finished in the top 10 out of almost 80 runners. I finished all of those races at a much faster pace than expected and couldn’t be more proud of myself. I can now call myself a runner and I’m referred to as that runner girl which is absolutely awesome!

    In 2014 my biggest goal is to finish a Marathon in June. I also want to get my 5k time down from 27minutes to 24-25 minutes by the end of the year.

    Running has assisted me in getting my body back and allowed me to grow as a woman. I’ve been able to inspire those around me and I want to continue bettering myself for me. The Lord has been so be so good to me this year and I want to continue this journey not just in 2014 but for the rest of my life.


  32. Angela Buchanan says

    Dreaming. Running. In 2013 I had a dream I was running, and it was wonderful, and I just kept running and I never got tired, and I was smiling. I could barely walk the 1/4 mile up the hill from our little ranch house, how would I ever run? In May 2013 I ran the 10km Run at the Scoatiabank Marathon in Calgary, Alberta. Crossing the finish line with my 2 sons was life changing. I have spent the remainder of 2013 working on running and training to be stronger…… so far, I have lost 75 pounds …. and my goal has always been health and strength. I plan to run the 10km in Calgary again this year and have asked my boys to run the “Dirty Donkey 2014″ in Saskatoon as a birthday present to me. Happier. Healthier. Stronger. Not just a dream anymore.

  33. Liz says

    In 2013 I joined a training group to train for a marathon and get the most out of a training. In 2014, I hope to work on speed by strengthening my core with more balance and core exercises, really maintaining a consistent strength training routine, incorporating stretching workouts throughout my week and incorporating more interval runs. I’m already on my way and I cannot wait to see the results in 2014!

  34. Erica Winnestorfer says

    2013 was a real gamechanger for me; I ran my first race ever after accidentally falling into running, and lived to tell the tale! They were fun 5k’s, but they really showed me how incredible the running community is. It’s motivated me to keep running, and found out along the way that my incredible 10 year old daughter and 3 year old blue heeler are the best running partners out there.
    In 2014, I’m shooting for the big kid distances – I’ve signed up for the Shamrock Run 15k in March, and then the Race for The Roses half marathon in April. I’d also love to be able to say I ran 1000 miles in 2014.
    Lofty goals for sure, but do-able :)

  35. Michele says

    In 2013 I lost 25 pounds and ran/walked my first race. For 2014 I plan to seek out proactive ways to keep injuries to a minimum and build endurance.

  36. Rinadel Valdez Arligue says

    February 3, 2013 Condura Skyway Marathon is my first try to join fun run. It was my dream to run the skyway and the only thing I had in my mind back then was – to experience to run in a skyway. It was an overwhelming feeling. My first run was 6K since that was the shortest distance. and I was able to finished it at 55mins. I felt so proud of myself. I was on high! It felt fulfilled. 1 check for my bucket list and I was able to do it in less than an hour. From then on, i got addicted. I challenged myself again and joined to another fun run Color Manila Night run where I run 5K and once again, i felt proud because I was able to finished it in 45 minutes. Since I was able to finished my runs in less than an hour, I decided to level up. My first 10K was Run United 1. 10K is a challenge. I realized that as a runner, every mile counts and every second is important. I realized not to belittle each distance. M first 10k was almost 2 hours. I felt challenged.. I felt the passion is burning in me. I felt that I want to keep and continue running as it brings life to me. I enrolled in MILO APEX Running Clinic. Sessions was held 3 times a week for 3 hours. We do have circuit trainings and long runs. I felt happy knowing that Im getting stronger each day. The running session was difficult. I was always on the end of the pact. I kept my patience and I hold on to my goal to become a better runner. First season ended last July 2013, and I was awarded as most improved runner since my first 10K is 1hr 30mins. I felt proud of myself that I was able to developed my endurance. My journey in Running will not stop from there. I am also proud that me and my group had experienced our first half marathon.

    On 2014, I planned to continue to train harder in preparation for my 21K. I wnt to run more 21K because it challenges me and it gives me satisfaction. I will continue to eat clean and train dirty to be able to achieve my goals. Consistency in training is the key :)

  37. Anja Hamilton says

    My goal for 2013 was to qualivy for Boston. In my first attempt I missed it by 10 min. Then the bombing happened at this years Boston and and it made even more determined. In May I run another marathon and beat my time by 27min, making BQT well under my needed time.
    Now that I was lucky enough to get into Boston for 2014 – I will enjoy it!!

  38. Melvin Wong says

    In the year 2013, I was very unfit and fat at the same time, I was nearly 180 pounds that time at the age of 17! I was also a drinker and a smoker that time! But then, my teacher/coach taught me about running, but I wasn’t interested in that time. After awhile, I had nothing to do at home so I went for a jog around my housing area! After that jog, there was something inside of me that told me to continue with this jogging. Then I started my first running competition at that year which was only 10km…. But I was impressed with the results, I am now 143 pounds at the age of 18, and I had already quit all the smoking and drinking. My target for 2014, I am gong to run a full marathon with a fit looking body shape!

  39. Lisa says

    In 2013, I ran my 1st half marathon, only 8 months after I became a runner! I truly feel my time spent on training runs in conjunction with cardio fusion classes really helped me reach this goal. For 2014, my goal is to take my running to a whole other level. I want to continue with cross training and concentrate on increasing speed. Can’t wait to crush my half marathon time in 2014!!

  40. Heidi says

    One thing that I did in 2013 to become a fit runner was BECOME a runner. I’ve been running for only six months and average 15 miles a week. I never thought this is someone who I would become, but now I will never go back to who I was. A goal I have for 2014 is to complete my first half marathon. I have my numbers on my wall to keep my motivation going and I can’t wait to check this off my list !

  41. Heather says

    1. The positive steps I’ve taken in 2013 are to change my lifestyle overall…drink plenty of water, counting calories and adhering to moderation not dieting, and I started out walking. I set a goal of losing 92 lbs originally. Well I have currently lost 84 lbs and am hoping to complete this goal by January 1. After spending from mid February until some time in April I realized I was getting bored with walking and looked into several C25k apps and finally selected one! I started running in April and in mid October I could finally say that I could complete a 5k!!! And today, Im happy to share that I decided to start a 5Kto10k app!!! And on day 1 I was successful!!! I’ve additionally succeeded in inspiring others to walk and/or run!!! The more the merrier right?!
    2. My 2014 goal is to maintain my changed lifestyle and to successfully run a 10k!!! Additionally, I would love to begin training for a half marathon mid year 2014. After moving from barely being able to run the curves at the track to being able to run over 4 miles I know I can do it and my biggest goal for myself is to stick to my goals!!!! I’d love to start bringing home some medals ;)

  42. alexandra van pelt says

    I began running this summer. I lost 35# while doing it.
    In 2014 I am registered for my 1st half marathon.

  43. Allison says

    1) I have kept a workout calendar as part of my Outlook email at work. I have found that when I stick to training plans and have a goal in mind (5k, half-marathon, etc.), I stay focused more when I have something to work towards. I also have plantar fasciitis and have been working more on my core and stretching so that I can be ready to start running again
    2) I want to run my second half-marathon and complete my first sprint triathlon (as well as do many more this summer). I would also like to start training to run a marathon.

  44. Catherine says

    (1) the best step I’ve taken to keep me in track is to put my training plan into my yahoo calendar, so everyday I know what type of run I am supposed to do and can integrate it into the rest of my day.
    (2) my goal for 2014: to complete two “destination” half marathons.

  45. Laura says

    This year my Mum was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She has chronic pain every day and can’t exercise, sleep well or even do the every day things she loves. So, to get fit I decided to raise money for a Fibro support network, by doing something that I thought I would never be able to do: run races!
    Every time I train for a sponsored race, I think about the pain she is in, being unable to move properly and this has helped me to realise how lucky I am that I get to move at all!! I’m doing my first 10K this weekend and since I started running I’m fitter, stronger and happier. I do core work to help stay a better runner, eat whole foods (most of the time) and hack away at my foam roller each day to improve my running strength. It also means I have more energy to help her out with smaller tasks too! My goal is to raise enough money for the fibro group’s website and to complete 6 races in 6 months. My last will be a Half Marathon.

  46. Michele says

    2013- I started running a few days before 2013 began. I ran my first 5K in April, my second 5k in June, virtual 5k in July, first 10k in August, a 7k and 5k in September, ran a 9k (interesting distance and course) ran with my friend for her first 5k in October and her second 5k in mid November, and just finished a 9 miler on Thanksgiving. In total, I’ve done 10 races this year and I hope to squeeze in one more before the end of the year. I’m a race addict! :)

    2014- I’ll be running my first half marathon in April and second half marathon in September. I want to PR a 5k at 30 minutes or less. And if possible I’d LOVE to run a full marathon (stretch goal, otherwise it’s already planned for Oct 2015). I’d also like to lose 30 pounds in order to get faster and continue to eat healthy foods to fuel my training.

  47. Gennie says

    I started running in April, after I decided to sign up for a 5k on Memorial Day. Ended up with bursitis in my hip 2 weeks after I started. Dr told me to wait 6 weeks before I run again. I took 1 week off and ended finishing my 1st race in 38.48. I’ve dropped 36 pounds since then and just finished 2 races in one weekend, setting a new PR of 36:24. I went from running 6 miles a week to averaging between 17 and 20 miles. New Years eve I plan on running my first 8k race, in honor of this new life I have created. My goal for 2014 is to finish my 1st half and continue improving my lifestyle.

  48. Melissa says

    2013 – After about a 1.5 year “hiatus” from “serious” running (i.e.: planning my training runs and participating in races that weren’t just “for fun”), I re-engaged my passion for running and competed in 2 relay races (a half marathon and a marathon), the BolderBoulder, and two half marathons (one was up a mountain). Additionally, I joined a cross fit gym to supplement all of the running I’ve done with strength conditioning and “sprint” type work.

    2014 – I have 2 goals for 2014:
    1. While I have never focused on speed when running (my moto has always been “I am the tortoise), the addition of cross fit to my training regimen has made me realize that I would like to push myself to improve my speed in shorter races (I will likely still run close to “tortoise pace” for longer races). That said, I hope to cut 5min off of my 5k PR and 10min off of my 10k PR.
    2. For a long time I have talked about participating in a triathalon (I even bought a really nice road bike at the end of 2012) – 2014 will be the year in which I make this happen!

  49. Tanner Morse says

    I just began running this year so all is new goals for me. I have woken up earlier to run, eaten healthy things I thought I hated but found out I loved, cut back on my alcohol and smoking so I can run further.
    My goals for next year are to completely stop smoking and be able to run in the Spartan rave in March 2014!

  50. Jaime says

    2013 – started regularly running 3 days per week and completed 3rd 1/2 marathon. (After 5 years of nada.)
    2014- focus on becoming a stronger runner and work on nutrition and cross training. Already registered for 2 races, so I’ve got things to work toward!

  51. Donna Isaacs says

    2013 has not been a successful year for my running, but I am running tomorrow.
    For 2014, I am going to increase my runs each week until I am back running at least 2 miles a day.

  52. Robin says

    In 2013 – Losing weight and running to help lessen my arthritis issues I have done a few 5k’s and a Duathlon. I am training for my 1st half marathon which I run this coming Saturday Dec 7th in Ashland Ohio, am very excited about but nervous as well (lots of hills & not of the down variety, lol).
    2014 is my big goal year as I turn 50, the plan is to run the qualifier (17.75k) for the Marine Corp Marathon in April, do the Great Lakes 100 Duathlon in Geneva Ohio in June, a random Duathlon in August and finally run the Marine Corp Marathon in October, oh and a few 5k’s thrown in for good measure & only then will I accept turning 50 gracefully in December ;).

  53. Charlotte says

    In 2013 I got back to running seriously after an 18 month layoff. I was injured in May 2011 when I was hit by a motorcycle crossing the main street in my downtown area. I had a severe concussion and many soft tissue injuries. As a result, I decided to follow my dream of going back to school to become certified in massage therapy. I graduated in September 2012, and became an independent contractor. Being so intensely busy didn’t leave much time to run after my recovery. I still ran three days a week, but mileage was low out of necessity, and I didn’t race at all.

    It wasn’t until late January or February this year that I undertook training again and got back to racing. I completed two marathons this year, three half marathons, and a couple of 5k’s and 10k’s. It is GREAT to be back out there!

    My main goal for 2014 is to BQ. I am going to attempt it (hopefully with success!) in April 2014 at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo. If not, I will do it in the summer or fall. I really am aiming for Glass City though, because I grew up in Toledo. It’s a good course, and I would love to BQ there. I know I’ll have other goals as time goes on, over the next few months, but that is my main goal for 2014.

  54. Courtney Seale says

    In 2013, I began my first cross training. I joined a high intensity workout gym and began to run trails as well. Both of these have had a significant impact on my road running and overall health and fitness. It feels great to be able to do more than just a zoned out long distance pavement run like I used to be stuck at. In 2014 I am running the Umstead 100 mile race. It will be my first race over 30 miles and I hope to finish in under 24 hours, an ulra’s dream.

  55. says

    I have always been some what active, doing some form of activity 4-5 times a week. Lately I have been loosing motivation and gaining weight and making poor diet choices. As of TODAY I am making a commitment to change my life style. I am going to run/walk my first 1/2 marathon in Oct of 2014. It is hard to tame my emotions, I’m excited, scared, afraid to fail, and hopeful, but most of all I’m ready for a change

  56. Laura says

    I started running in June not very far but better than before. Running my 3rd 5k in December. 2014 I hope to fun several days a week and up my mileage

    • says

      I have always been some what active, doing some form of activity 4-5 times a week. Lately I have been loosing motivation and gaining weight and making poor diet choices. As of TODAY I am making a commitment to change my life style. I am going to run/walk my first 1/2 marathon in Oct of 2014. It is hard to tame my emotions, I’m excited, scared, afraid to fail, and hopeful, but most of all I’m ready for a change

  57. Larrissa says

    In 2013 I have run more 5k races than in the previous years combined, and most of them I have run with family. This has made the experience so much more fun and energizing. The most recent run included my 5 year old son, and when I spotted him behind me on the course running with his daddy, I cried. My goal for 2014 is to complete my first 10k on Super Bowl Sunday, and a springtime half marathon.

  58. Sheryl says

    I started running in high school in ’91 and have ran on and off since. It is one thing I love to do! My 14 yr old daughter loves it too and is a natural! This yr she is a freshman in high school and ran on the cross country team that runs 5k’s. Her team made it to states where she PR’d with a time of 20:25! I just decided to start training for a half marathon for next year and she wants to do it with me! I love being able to share in this experience and love of running with her!

  59. Dan Harrison says

    2013 has been an amazing year for running! Completed my first ever marathon and looking forward to the next possibly a trail version. I have complemented my run training with martial arts ( thank you Sensei Jeff Davidson), weight training and yoga and will continue into 2014. This formula works for me!

  60. Glen withers says

    Late 2012 and 2013 I’ve dropped about 22 kilos by doing a run class through a local sports organisation and am now 2 weeks away from my first half Ironman. I’m mow energised, positive and motivated.
    2014 I plan to complete a full marathon in March then major sporting events like Porirua Great Traverse to keep me on track.
    Along with that I plan to help where I can to change others lives around like mine has by support and encouragement.
    Sport Manawatu has created a monster !!

  61. Angela Haywood says

    In 2013 I committed to taking better care of myself by actually resting when injured or too sore to run and going for regular massages. In 2014 I hope to remain injury free and get a PB on a marathon in June.

  62. Jessica says

    In the summer I set the goal to do a race per month and continue running in the winter. For 2014 run a faster 1/2 marathon and continue with a race a month.

  63. Fiona says

    I began running at the age of 50 in 2013. After a friend died at the are of 43 on Mother’s Day I realized that it could gave been me. I have 4 beautiful children that I want to be here for. I ran my first 5k on thanksgiving day and my goal for 2014 is to run a half marathon. I know thus us a lofty goal but I also know that every day I push myself out the door to run is a day closet to my goal. This is the first time in many years that I have done something for myself. I have realized that this relieves my stress from work and makes me a happier healthier person.

  64. sarah van der vlist says

    Well, I’ve started running in 2013, so everything I did was already progress in itself. I ran 5 races, from 5k to a half marathon, but the thing that amaze me the most is the peace and the incredible feeling that comes from running. It helps me throughout the day, the most stressful experiences (and as a musician, I come across them a lot), and basically makes me more able to be the best. And as to 2014… I kind of wish to follow the dream of running a marathon, of being more comitted to running. The second thing I’d like to do is to run with my friends, my family, to encourage them, and that’s such an inspiring feeling to be inspiring people to run :)

  65. karen says

    I started running a few years ago, when walking wasn’t “doing it for me” anymore. In 2013 I have decided to work on my speed (last couple of years have just been about getting out there and finishing). I have added fartlecks and sprint drills to my routine and have shave a whole minute of my mile pace…. In 2014 I plan to run my first marathon (the marine corp marathon in D.C)

  66. Molly says

    More miles and more races this year as I work to maintain my 68 pound weight loss. Added swimming in November to prepare for my first sprint triathlon in 2014!

  67. Cristen says

    I started 2013 with severe back pain due to degenerative disk disease. Two of the disks in my lumbar region are pretty much gone. I stuck to my physical therapy routine and faithfully completed my core strengthening exercises daily. I slowly increased my mileage and frequency of running. By fall I had completed a 15k and my first half marathon. I also got my new (post back pain) PR in the 5k. I am very proud of these accomplishment because for months I was unable to walk without pain. In 2014, I want to continue to strengthen my body and improve my times in all races. I would like to add a spring half marathon to my schedule as well as a fall half marathon. I want to keep improving core strength even more and keep my back pain in check.

  68. Melissa says

    Living in VT, in 2013 I committed to running outside no matter what the weather. 2014 will be bringing my first half marathon my way!

  69. NanaOnRun says

    1.I started to run few months ago-Next to my box training to lose some kilo n be in shape again
    I liked more n more so I go out almost every evening now with our dog (we do 3-5miles)
    I feel free and relaxed after…and our dog too :)
    2.I wanna be ready for a half-marathon next spring

  70. Jess Flaherty says

    I started running last spring in an effort to overcome fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I’ve recently made a real habit, at least a mile a day and a couple of 5k a week. My oldest son wants to be a marathoner which is inspiring and my youngest who has autism wants to become a runner now.
    My goal for 2014 is to run a Spartan for me and my boys!

  71. says

    In 2012 I decided to start a hobby, running. I lost 60lbs and became in great shape. After 9 months of setting goals and getting faster, I fell ill. I had many different tests and surgeries bet yet no reason to my pain. I stopped running. I felt horrible. I started gaining back weight and I became depressed. I lost my father in early 2013 and lost my focus. I was beating myself up inside for a few months.

    I started back running in August 2013 and decided to become more fit by keeping a good schedule of my eating and specifically my drinking habits. I knew I wasn’t fueling myself properly before I fell ill. I have very bad water habits. I just don’t drink enough of it. My goals are to improve my time back up to race speed so I can enter some races for my dad. I want to run some in his honor. I know he would want me to do what makes me happy, he drove stock cars, I drive my feet.

  72. Allison Miner says

    In November 2012 I reached 271 lbs. I decided enough was enough and if I didn’t do something I would be hitting 300 lbs. So I downloaded the Couch 2 5K app on my phone and the MyFitness Pal App. The next morning I got up at 5 am and went to the gym and started the program. I could not make 15 seconds running. However, every single day I got up at 5 am and went to the gym. After many many weeks in the gym I ran a mile!!. After that I broke through the mental barrier and increased my runs everyday. In March of 2013 I ran my first 5K. I was so PROUD. By June of 2013 I had dropped 30 pounds. I logged my food every single day and was now running every other day, I had transitioned outside and it was so much harder but I was determined to do it. I ran at least 2 5K races every month from March to October 2013. I am down 45 lbs and so proud. Now my goal for 2014 is to run 10K races and loose another 45 lbs. I have started the Plank 30 day Challenge and the Brazilian Fit 24 day Ab Challenge . My goal is to kill it at every race and to definitely beat my time at the Warrior Dash in September 2013. I AM A RUNNER

  73. Jennifer Lawson says

    In 2012 we had an extended family Christmas picture taken. At 205 pounds, I was the smallest adult. I looked at my 2 1/2 year old and her huge smile and knew I needed to make serious changes in my life. I didn’t want her to turn in to me: overweight, unhappy and unhealthy. It wasn’t a New Years resolution, it was the start of a new life. I joined a gym and starting watching what I ate. I learned about portion control and good foods. I started running. I was never a runner. I was the kid in gym class that would hide behind parked cars so I didn’t have to run a mile. I signed up for my first 5k in March of 2013. My goal was to finish in under 45 minutes. For some one who never ran before, this was a lofty goal for me. Honestly, I just wanted to finish. It was 30 degrees out and I was freezing! I finished in just under 40 minutes! I was hooked! I signed up for another race, and then another. I felt such a sense if accomplishment. More importantly, I wanted to get healthy for my daughter! I didn’t want to see with the same issues I had and the same that my mother has. I wanted her to grow up healthy and happy. In May , I ran my 3rd 5K. My best time yet, but that wasn’t my proudest moment that day. After my race, my daughter and I “ran” a one mile race together. She had so much fun. She was so proud to have a bib number just like Mommy. She had on her running clothes and shoes. She loved it. Molly was the youngest runner by a few years. She ran or walked almost all of it. I was never so proud if a last place finish! We’ve run a few more races together and she loves it. I ran the 8 mile race around Mackinac Island, a few more 5ks and a 10k. To say I’m hooked is an understatement. My biggest accomplishment is not my finish times, my distances run or the 45 pounds I’ve lost, it’s that I have taught my daughter, by example, how important it is to be healthy. In 2014, I will be running my first half marathon and I’m so excited! I’m even more excited to “run” more races with my daughter!

  74. says

    What I did to become a fit runner in the past year? I kept to a plan that aligned with my goal of finishing my first marathon. The plan involved a great coach who wrote the running plan and kept track of how I was doing. I also ran with friends who are always great motivators because they understand the mountains and valleys associated with running and life in general. My goals for 2014 is to continue running while pursuing a 50K finish. To add in that, I plan on adding more yoga from a local studio in addition to more bodyweight exercises at home and with my students at school. I did learn that keeping a basic log of what I’ve ran and how it felt was motivating for the future. I am also possibly doing another 12-person team relay somewhere on the East coast. We did one two years ago and had a blast.

  75. Charity says

    My journey to fitness began on July 1st, 2013. After years of not taking care of myself, I was severely out of shape and 50 pounds overweight, I decided that day to start training for a 5K. I called it my “Turning 40 Initiative”. I started running – one lap at the gym was all I could do at first – and eating healthier. I turned 40 in September, ran my 5K on Thanksgiving, and am down 22 pounds to date. In 2014, my goal is to lose the remaining 30 pounds, run 10 more 5Ks and complete a 10K. A journal to log and track my progress would be instrumental in helping me achieve this!

  76. Lisa Hahn says

    I have greatly reduced processed carbs and eat mostly whole foods. I have also reduced diet soda with the hopes of totally eliminating them in 2014. My other goal for 2014 is to complete the Raleigh Rock and Roll marathon in April feeling great. I would like to complete it in 4 hours and 30 minutes but my bigger goal is to run the whole thing without unplanned walking.

  77. Gail Cruz says

    I started running over 14 years ago and never thought it would ever become an activity I would love. At first it was just a means to get out of the house. I would take my son in his stroller to a nearby park and we would walk around the lake. I didn’t see that I had lost the baby weight so fast, but I did feel a great accomplishment when I ran the entire 1.3 miles without stopping and pushing my son in his stroller. After that throughout the following years I kept it up. I’ve ran in relay marathons and 5ks just for fun. It was about 3 years ago that I decided to start training for a half marathon. During my training I started to feel the worst pain in my right knee. I then went to see a great sports medicine doctor who told me that my pain was being caused by inflammation in my popliteal tendon and that there was a small pocket of fluid. In the healing process I took up spin class at the gym in place of my running outdoors. It was great exercise, but even after my doctor gave me the ok to run I was still scared. I also noticed that I missed it so much.
    Eventually I did start to run again, and this time I started to take my four year-old daughter with me. I purchased a running stroller and we hit the nearby trails every weekend. It was at this point that I noticed my determination to run long distance. Pushing almost 60 lbs in the south Texas summer heat was brutual, but was also a routine we established. I had no idea that this type of running was the training that would get me to the point that would help me accomplish a goal I had set my hopes on 3 years earlier. I did manage to allow my running to be worked into my work and school schedule. Some times it was 4 -5 days to just 2 days out of the week for running. I’m by no means a fast runner, believe me I’ve tried to be, but instead I’ve learned to keep a steady pace.
    On November 17, 2013 I stood alone with many strangers in corral 29. I stretched and prayed for strength to complete this run. I knew I had 4 hours to complete the run and I knew I could do it before that time. We got closer and then it was our turn to start. The emotion that came over me is indescribable. The support by the spectators was so wonderful, but it was the adrenaline that I gained from running alongside so many people that kept me going. Instead of stopping at mile 1 for a break it was to my complete surprise that it was mile 4!!! I finished the run in 3:07:07. And it brings me such delight to know I successfully completed my first half-marathon! Finally something I had been wanting to do for years and I did. Yes, I experienced the same pain in not only my right knee but also in my left. I ran right through it because in my heart I knew I had come along way. And through all this running I realized I was a runner. I had never ever called myself a runner because my view of runner was completely distorted. Even if I hadn’t completed the half marathon I was still a runner.
    For 2014, my goals are very simple, to keep on running. I would love to start the training for a triathlon. My heart lies with running long distance. A marathon would be so great of an accomplishment, but I am so terrified of the pain in my knees I would most likely relive. As long as I have the ability to physically run I will, that won’t change.

  78. Teela says

    I started running in April of this year to help me better manage the stress in my life. After finishing well at my first 5k, there was no way to deny I was addicted! I changed my eating, incorporated strength and cross training, and went on to run 2 half marathons this fall.
    My goals for 2014 – first full marathon in May, 2nd full in October, and if all goes well, and ultra in December. I have also been working on my speed in hopes of someday qualifying for Boston. It would be a dream come true!

  79. Anastasia Trueman says

    This year started out a difficult year for running. I had an IT band injury in late 2012 that prevented me from completing my first marathon. I worked on rehabbing it, meaning I had to stop running altogether for the whole spring. It finally healed in mid summer allowing me to train AND complete my first marathon: Richmond Marathon! In 2014 I am looking forward to: 1) completing a spring and fall marathon and 2) getting back into the triathlons I love so much and couldn’t do in 2013.

  80. Sophie says

    2013 has been the year that I have got back into running after the arrival of my daughter in 2012. I set myself the goal of running the Great South Run (10 miles) in October 2013 and, despite very windy conditions, completed it in a time that was 5 mins quicker than I had done before. I was chuffed to bits!

    2014 is going to be epic as I am running the London Marathon – something that I have always dreamed of but seemed like bit of a pipe dream! Having entered the ballot alongside two of my closest friends, we decided that we would go for it if even one of us got ballot places… They both got ballot places and I have been successful in gaining a place to run for CAFOD. Already it is consuming our thoughts and training but it will be such an achievement! I am already loving the way that the body adapts and responds to training! I’m so excited to have this running challenge ahead of me and to work with my closest friends and family around me to achieve it. My husband is the most amazing person for supporting me in this and I can’t wait to celebrate another first with him, my daughter, friends and family when I cross the finish line.

  81. Laura B says

    2013 I had a big goal of running a half marathon but quickly found out my training program was too short and unrealistic. I didn’t run the half, but instead of quitting, I’ve been slowly plowing ahead. 2014 I will see myself run that half marathon as I’m finally on a proper training program and feeling so great because of it!

  82. Zowie says

    2013 has been a year of testing my strength – inner and outer. Despite an injury which I could’ve let set me back, I jumped right back on the trail to run once I was cleared to do so. Along with an injury I was also faced with accepting a diagnosis of diabetes. I’ve persevered to keep running not just to be fit but to live longer and healthier. I’ve added strength training to make my hips and legs endure the mileage. 2014 holds promise to my first 10K and onward to my first 1/2 marathon. I am determined to make it happen.

  83. Clint H says

    In 2013, I pushed myself farther than I have ever gone and ran my first and second half marathon. It was very challenging both physically and mentally, but I did it. In 2014, I am going to learn how to properly fuel and hydrate in a half marathon. I am also going to take at least one other person, who wants to learn about running and teach them what I know. I believe it is important to always be learning and the best way to learn is to teach.

  84. OLIVIA says

    Oct. 3rd 212 when I had my left foot surgery. During my recovery period physiotherapist asked me to walk on a threadmill, and I enjoyed it. I know that GOD put passion in my heart to run. March 4th this year I turned 40 yrs old when I decided to start running. LIFE BEGINS @ 40! I joined different running events this year. Two 5 km races; Two 10 km races & Four Half Marathon, this is my favorite distance race and did the three in sub two! I am looking forward for my last race this year on Dec 7th Santa Shuffle Calgary 2013. Wearing Santa hat for sure :) . My goal next year is to run my very first Full Marathon @ Scotia Bank Calgary Marathon during their 50th anniversary. I am nervous but I stepped out of faith last Nov. 19th and registered. I LOVE to run for a cause & with a purpose for me & others..

  85. Alison says

    In 2014 I raised my trail running mileage completing my first 25K. This was a huge accomplishment for me, condsidering i never dreamed I’d run more than a 5k, which was a challenge. I am now training for my first trail marathon in March 2014! I love the comradere of trail runners.

  86. Virginia says

    In 2013 I trained for and complete my first half marathon. In 2014 I plan to complete at least two half marathons. In order to become more Fit I plan to incorporate more strength training into my fitness routine.

  87. Alexis Haefer says

    Ways I’ve become a more fit runner is to run more and yoga!
    My goals for 2014: collect those medals! I’ve signed up for the Zion Half marathon, and I plan to run other fun runs like a Disney run, and maybe a run in Florida that involves a spaceship. ^_^

  88. Katelyn says

    In August 2013, I started running 5Ks. I have never been a “runner” but have always been involved in athletics. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and softball. I have a typical post player body–6’0″, athletic build NOT the stereotypical runner’s body.

    My initial goal was to run as many 5Ks as it takes to make a t-shirt quilt with the shirts I receive. I am now making an additional goal to do a 10k in the spring, 10 mile run in the summer, and hopefully run the half marathon next fall.

  89. Laurel says

    Started running and working on core fitness in 2013, 3 5K completed.
    Next year, I am signed up for one of the same 5K and hope to cut 10 minutes off my time by June of 2014.

  90. Diane Kratz says

    In 2013 I joined a running class to get tips on being a healthy runner. Now I run several times a week and began a fitness challenge where I am running a minimum 1 mile every day through at least January 1st.. In 2014 I would like to run a 1/2 marathon.

  91. Heather says

    In 2013 I decided my goal for the year was tackling a activity on my bucket list. The activity: run a marathon!! Say what?!? I signed up to Run the Blue ( Akron, OH marathon). My goal was to do it in less than 4 hours, I did it in 3:52. BOOM!!! Then decided to sign up for the Columbus Marathon goal was 3:50, My time, 3:45:06!!! Next year I want to qualify for Boston! I AM BOSTON DETERMINED!!!!!!! And BOSTON bound!

  92. Shawna says

    In 2013 started running on a more consistent basis, meaning 3-5 days a week. I also ran my 1st 10K and came in in under 60minutes.
    My goal for 2014 is a half marathon.

  93. says

    In 2013 I took up running again, helps relieve stress in my life plus I crave the running. MY goal in 2014 is to do my first 1/2 Marathon. I love to run.

  94. Lizp says

    I completed my first half and started doing crossfit in 2013. In 2014 I want to run my first half in April and do a pull-up in crossfit.

  95. Shawn S. says

    2013: Started in August with C25K and ran my first 5k mud run with two friends. Continued and ran 10k 2 weeks ago. Slowing down on trying to run farther and working on pace now. Agreed to run one leg of a marathon next April.

    2014 goals: Run my leg of the marathon without embarassing myself or my team. In late fall or winter complete a half marathon.

  96. Stephanie Givens says

    This year aftery 1st half marathon I learned one must strength train and foam roll religiously to avoid ITB tendinitis. After moths of gaston techniques I am back on track. 2014 will finally run my 1st 10k and in April 2014 will run my first marathon

  97. Heather says

    In 2013, I started running and I’ve done three 5Ks. I have two more this year.

    Next year I am already signed up for my first half marathon. I meet my trainer the first Saturday in January.

  98. John Contract says

    Just started running again after a long layoff. It’s been 5 long years. Trying to regain my health and have lost 28 pounds since June.

    Next year, i plan on continuing my journey back by building my base to run the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon.

  99. Marjorie says

    I started running in October 2012. Ran my first 5K in November and finished the same 5K this November 11 minutes faster. Running is my therapy. I am not fast (about 11 min/mile) but I take pride in achieving personal goals. I am going to train in 2014 for a 10K as long as my foot holds out (I have plantar fasciitis).

  100. says

    I just had a baby on November 20th and I’m already registered for my very first marathon September 2014! I can’t wait to start training at the beginning of January. It’ll officially be 6 weeks post partum.

  101. M ary says

    In 2013, I mentored runners attempting their first half marathon, followed a training plan to the letter including speed work, tempo runs, and long runs to take 15 minutes of my marathon PR in the NYC Marathon, lost 20 lbs through healthy eating, and took up a challenge from my cousin to run 1600 mikes this year (goal reached in November!). :0) In 2014, I am coaching a beginner/intermediate 5k running group and introducing speed work to them and training for another marathon and my first 50k ultra distance race.

  102. laine says

    I just started running a couple months ago. I decided to do a 5k per month. I am building up to actually run a full one. Trying to get in shape and be healthy. I plan on continuing my 5k a month plan in 2014 and continue to move onto bigger ones!

  103. Erinn says

    I’ve focused more on mile repeats and running hills to increase my endurance. Ran half marathons in 2013 and plan to do a full marathon in 2014.

  104. says

    I began running over this year and participated in my first races ever, including a 10 miler. I never thought I’d be a runner. This year I joined a running club and started a running group too. 2013 was the year I lost some weight and discovered the joy of running

    2014 is the year I run my first half marathon, work on my speed, and work on my strength training. I plan to continue working on losing weight and running great.

  105. Casey says

    To get more for i ran my first half marathon in Vegas for CCFA!!! Next year my goal is to consistently run 4 times a week and get back to my Les Mills bodyflow class at Golds and work on eating cleaner.

  106. says

    1. Something every day – even if it was a short walk – to keep me going and keep momentum. Even if I didn’t feel like it, I gave myself 10min slow run to make sure I really felt that. 9 times out of 10, I was wrong… :o)

    2. My goal in 2014 is to do a 365 day streak (min 4k); and complete a 100k Ultra.


  107. Amy Earwood says

    A year and a half ago I weighed 277lbs. I had spent the last 13 years obese and barely living a life. In 2012 I hit rock bottom with depression and realized I had to change, from the inside out. I began to work on me and who in wad and who I wanted to be. By summer of 2013 I had weighed in at 148 lbs and decided it was time to work on living a full physical life as well. I started with the C25k app and by the end of August was running 5 miles 3 to 6 times a week. I am still running that same but have decided in 2014 to train for a half marathon. I would like to run 2-3 next year but being. Newbie I have a lot to learn. Most days my nutrition is excellent, but other days not so much. I know keeping a log would help me tremendously and help keep me from injuring myself an keep my health where it is if not better. I am thankful for all the support I have received so far but I have so much to learn.

  108. Babette Roberts says

    Things I’ve done to become a fit runner: I’ve taken up yoga to stretch and strengthen my core. It has been invaluable in easing my knee pain and PF that has plagued me since my first half almost a year ago. My 2014 goals: To get back on the road again, fitter in my core, and wiser in my milage.I’ve signed on for the NYC Half lottery and plan on tackling another Rugged Maniac in the spring.

  109. Alice says

    I started running in February of this year. Although I have struggled, I have kept it up. I have done five 5k’s so far with one more planned in December .
    My running goal for 2014 is to do a half marathon and to become more consistent with my running.

  110. Kay Devlin says

    1. The things I did in 2013 to be a fit runner I did 4 5ks and one 10 mile race. Im also a yoga teacher and practice yoga everyday if not yoga Im running. My goals for 2014 is to do 3 5ks, a 10k and a half marathon those are my goals for 2014. I enjoy being healthy fit and happy and Im going keep on running and yoging and sharing my passion,

  111. Machon says

    2013- I ran for the first time in my life because I wanted to and not because I had to. I ran my first 5k and caught the bug and fell in love with running. I learned more about myself through running than any other activity could have ever taught me. When you run, you push yourself. You determine how long and how far you will run. You dig inside yourself and discover something you did not know was there. Joy.

    2014- I want to continue with my 5k runs and eventually do a 10k. I don’t think I’m ready for a half yet but I am willing to train for one. I even asked for a treadmill for Christmas to keep running during the cold months. Who would have thought the girl who weighed almost 300 pounds two years ago would be a runner.

  112. Kay Devlin says

    1. The things I did in 2013 to be a fit runner I did 4 5ks and one 10 mile race. Im also a yoga teacher and practice yoga everyday if not yoga Im running. My goals for 2014 is to do 3 5ks, a 10k and a half marathon those are my goals for 2014. I enjoy being healthy fit and happy and Im going keep on running and yoging and sharing my passion

  113. Betty says

    In 2013 have been part of a group called I can, I will. The goal was to run/walk 1000 miles. I knew that was a doable distance for me and then I kept getting injured and had 2 different surgies. None of that stopped me. I am at 1300 miles right now.

    2014 goal. Run smart and injury free and get in 2000 miles. And to quit defeating all that I do physically but eating poorly.

  114. Kelly says

    This year I started running again after taking many years off. I feel so much better about myself. I am slowly adding miles.

    I plan to run my first half marathon in March.

  115. Marty says

    In 2013 I added more miles a week to my runs and ran more 5k’s.

    My goal for 2014 is to run my first full marathon. I’m a little nervous but I know I can do it. I have completed 2 half marathons in the past.

  116. Kelly Smith says

    In July of 2013 I ran my first race-our town’s 4th of July 2.75 road race. It hurt Badly & I came in dead last. Somehow that race inspired me to start running. I bought a jogging stroller & signed up for race after race-quickly becoming addicted! I downloaded the Runmeter app & ran with my daughter after work almost everyday. I loved it & I have never loved a workout more. Running inspires me & makes me feel like i can take on Anything-it’s an amazing feeling. I signed up for a half marathon & switched the app to the 12 week half marathon training plan. I followed it for the most part, ended up realizing I was wearing the wrong sneakers & lost a few weeks because of pain I never want to experience again. I ended up running up to 9 miles & a week later in October I ran my first half. I was nervous, excited & neither myself or my mother thought I would finish. As soon as I lined up I couldn’t help but smile-I was in my comfort zone. The butterflies went away & I was ready. I ended up running a 2:46 & met a few amazing women along the way. On my last mile I couldn’t help but reflect back on my short but amazing running journey. I felt so proud of myself & came a long way & it certainly wasn’t over! My run goal for 2014 is to run a full marathon & my goal for 2015 is to qualify & run the Boston Marathon. My daughter is only 27 months now but my goal for 2016 is to introduce her to this amazing sport. Being a full time single mom, a full time student & a full time worker, I am constantly feeling like my head is spinning. As soon as my feet hit the ground for a run, though, it’s like my mind goes blank (in a good way) & everything is okay. I never want to stop running.

  117. Nicole says

    I trained for and completed my second half marathon this year and am training now for another half in January. While I have the running routine down, I would like to work on better nutrition in 2014. A fitness & nutrition tracker would be so great to waken my awareness and keep me accountable. I would like to lose 20-25 lbs in 2014.

  118. Courtney H says

    I started running seriously in January 2013 and finished my very first half marathon in April 2013 in just over 3 hours. My goal for 2014 is to stay motivated, train harder and run the half marathon again this year with a better attitude, and renewed vigor for a PR!

  119. Cassie says

    I have always been inspired to run, but I never thought that I could do it. I am just recovering from a knee injury and plan to start running again tomorrow. I would like to use this journal as both an inspiration and a motivator to help me on my journey. My goal is to be able to run a half marathon by next November, as I would like to participate in a Thanksgiving half.

  120. Rhonda Obrien says

    Over the past year and a half I have lost 50 pounds. Would like to lose 50 more. I have just begun doing Couch to 5k with the hopes that I will be able to achieve my weight loss goal through running. My goal is to run my first 5k in 2014. I don’t want to walk/run…I want to run the entire distance. I have signed up for my first one in March…I just hope I am able to run it

  121. Danielle Robinson says

    In 2013 I completed my first half marathon. I started my running/fitness journey in late 2012, right before my husband passed away. In 2013, I lost 30 lbs and pushed my former non athletic self waaay past my comfort zone. In 2014 I plan to lose another 45 lbs, run another half marathon, and continue to PR my 5k and 10k times. I want to inspire people and show them that if I can do it, they can!

  122. Nicole Dray says

    In 2013 I set many personal records in my 5k, & 10k and the 5 mile distance very exciting for a seasoned runner being in the last year my forties. Also completed a long distance duathlon which was a 5k and a very challenging 55 mile ride as a newbie to cycling only having a 26 mile as my longest ride when entering.For 2014 I hope to smash my current 1/2 marathon time in January and continue to challenge myself as a runner and triathlete now in my fifties. I also hope to continue to improve in all areas or at least do my best!

  123. Staceejean says

    In June 2012 I had ACL reconstruction on my left knee. After months of gruelling physio and learning how to run properly again I was able to complete a 5km Wellness run, a 6k Mud Run, and a 10k run. Although I did not run al the time I completed each run in a time that I expected or better. For 2014 my hola is up run five 10k runs to honour my 50th birthday. I even have a ½ marathon in mind for late fall that I may go after. Here’s to being 50, which I heard is the new 40!!!

  124. Cindy Murphy says

    I’m new to running. I decided I wanted to do triathlons & obviously running is part of that. I have a half marathon in January & plan to race in several 5ks in early 2014 to improve my performance in my summer triathlon season.

  125. Robin says

    My goal for 2013 was to run 13 5k’s (13 in 2013, right?). On October 5th, I completed my 13th 5k and yesterday I ran my first 8k in 49.23.

    My goal for 2014 is to complete the Boston Athletic Association distance medley (5k, 10k, half marathon). I hope to continue to run with my two run groups as often as my schedule allows.

  126. Amanda says

    I began running about a year and a half ago and I’ve never felt better. I no longer struggle with my asthma, my headaches are gone, and I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been!! I ran my first 1/2 marathon in May 2013 and next year I plan to train for another 1/2 or possibly a full. I plan to keep running and getting stronger and stronger!!!

  127. Laura follett says

    In 2013 I decided to run my first half marathon . I completed that goal at the No Limit half on Oct. 25!

    My goal for 2014 is to complete two half marathons and improve my 5k and 10k times!

  128. Rhonda B. says

    I quit smoking 2 years ago and in 2013 I completed the Zombies, Run 5k training program on my treadmill and am now 2/3 through season 2. My husband and I finally gained the courage to run outside and finished our first 5k yesterday. My time was a little under 35 minutes and I want to cut that in half and start training for a 10k with my hope to run a half marathon (slowly and even if i have to stop and walk for a few seconds occasionally) by the fall.

  129. Natalie says

    I adopted a really hyper pit bull and the only way to calm her down is to run, run, run. No complaints here because it also keeps me in shape and running at least 5 days a week. My goal for 2014? Keep running with my dog even through the cold winter, no excuses!

  130. Lisa says

    In Feb. 2013 I began my weight loss journey and as of this date I’ve lost 70 pounds. I started running in July and I’ve completed 3 5K’s and one Mud Run Obstacle Course. I love running so much now I’ve decided for 2014 I want to complete a half marathon which I’ve already started training for. I also plan on reaching my weight loss goal which is another 56 pounds. My ultimate goal… to inspire others to become their best self !!

  131. Tammy Kingos says

    In 2013, I ran my 1st 5k inJune. By Octber I took 3mins off my time in my 2nd5k. In 2014, I have two 5k’s scheduled with determination to run my 1st half marathon in Sept. I am so glad I started running again. I forgot how much I love it.

  132. Bobbie Jo says

    I did 3 half marathons in the fall. August, September, October. I called it the 3 H halves. The Harrisburg , hands on House, Hershey halfs. While I was studing to take my COA in early Dec. busy year :)
    In 2014 I am training on doing a full in the spring. . :)

  133. Kim says

    I began training for running a 10k in August and did very well until I got the flu at the end of October. It took me until the middle of November to get back at it, but indeed, I did! It is a much slower process but I feel great every day I run. My goal in 2014 is to be attentive to me and prioritize my best interest and run at least 3 times a week.
    I never thought I would run a foot much less the 2.28 miles I have reached. Not bad for starting at 56. A journal would be the perfect way to share my efforts, journey and results, bumps in the road and all

  134. Joane Pedigo says

    In 2013 I ran my second half marathon, although not quite as trained as I would have liked. My goal for 2014 is to become more committed to my health and keep moving forward with my exercise and running. I always start out well, but I putter out and have to start back up.

  135. Ellie says

    I have lost nearly 50 pounds this past year and just stared running in September. I have already run in 5 5ks and now love to run! My goal in 2014 is to do the Hot Chocolate 15k and then who knows, maybe a half marathon! :-)

  136. Davina says

    2013 saw me run my first ever half marathon and take nearly 3 minutes off my parkrun pb. 2014 will see me attempt my first full marathon and hopefully a sub 25 parkrun

  137. says

    I overcame multiple hip injuries including a fracture to complete the Marine Corp Marathon. I was told I wouldn’t be able to do 26.2. Ever. I completed my forth half with a PR by 8 minutes! I’m stronger then I was but not as strong as I can be nor I will be. I’m on the road to health- running the way there! Bring on 2014

  138. Pam says

    I’ve renewed my interest in running for 2013. The main thing I’ve done is learn to love myself again. Running makes me feel free and better able to deal with life’s issues. For 2014 I’m running my first half marathon. It’s a charity run on the beach to raise money for more bike paths. Everyone gets to enjoy the benefits.

  139. Maria says

    September 1st 2013 was the first day that I started running and I haven’t stopped. It was difficult at first because I was so used to my sedentary lifestyle. But as I consistently persisted myself to go out there, I now run 2-3 miles every other day and when I’m not running, I go for a walk. I’ve shed two pants size and i feel healthy.

  140. Sue Buhagiar says

    In 2013 I ran my first full marathon just 2 and a bit years after discovering a passion for running. In 2014 I plan to run 2 – 3 half marathons in lead up for a return to nepal to trek the Annapurna Circuit. I am also going to train one of my PT clients for her 1st 15km event in April.

  141. says

    1. I am 86 miles away from my goal of 1,000 miles in 2013. I have learned how to run a long training run correctly. Not about time, but about distance. I also completed my first full marathon.

    2. My goals for 2014 include tackling two more full marathons and at least three halfs. I want to also be able to PR in each marathon. I also am very excited to be training two people for their first halfs next year!

  142. says

    1) in 2013 I finished my 65 pound weight loss goal that I started in 2012. I participated in 14 road races, 2 triathlons and a half marathons.
    2) in 2014 I plan to keep running faster, harder, and better. I plan on more halfs and tris in preparation for my goal of a full marathon in 2015 :)

  143. says

    In 2013 I completed 2 marathon’s and ran my first 50k. I also obtained a new 1/2 marathon PR. My goal was to NOT stop running. Once one goal was reached, another goal was created. My goal in 2013 is to train more. To train better. To train smarter. I intend to race less and run more. I am working on proper nutrition and need all the help I can get!

  144. Jane says

    2013.. Joined a training group, learned to incorporate hills and speed intervals into my run. 2014…aiming for 2 hour 1/2, will need to dial in nutrition!

  145. Jennifer hesselink says

    what happened in2013? I lost over 50# and started running for the first time in my life. I ran 3- 5Ks Feeling great!
    what’s going to happen in 2014? I’m going to keep going and going and do more races!

  146. Sarah says

    I’ve continued to eat clean and shaved about a minute off my pace. Continuing to have races has helped!

    After running 6 half marathons by March 2014, I’m going to stop “halfing around” and attempt a full marathon!

  147. Becki says

    I was pregnant this year. I ran a 5k at 20 wks pregnant. I ran a 10k 10 wks post partum. I am signed up for a full marathon in April, and plan to run another full in September. I’ve definitely got the running bug. My husband and I love health and fitness. We both have goals of eating healthier and exercising regularly.

  148. Kim says

    2013 finally stayed injury free and was able to run PR at half marathon 2014 plan to attend Pure Barre classes to gain greater flexibility to continue to run consistently and hopefully injury free

  149. Brandi says

    This year I trained for my second half-marathon and beat my first time by over 13 minutes! For 2014, I am seriously contemplating training for a full marathon…still in the back-and-forth deliberation with myself!

  150. Erika Harris says

    1. This year I trained for and completed my first marathon!
    2. I plan overall cleaner eating in 2014 and more consistent work on strength and flexibility. This will help me in the Rock N Roll Raleigh half marathon in April. I may even try another fall marathon!

  151. Emily washington says

    After years of just the thought of running made me nervous, I started training and ran my first half marathon in September 2013. It was awesome. unfortunatly, I have lost my running partner, and lost most of my motivation. I will start running again in 2014 even if I have to do it alone. Another half marathon here I come!

  152. Mike Matte says

    In 2013 I completed my first Marathon @ age 50 Did my second Half Marathon,third Tough Mudder. My goal for 2014 is to compete in my first 50k

  153. Mariana Sofia Ruiz Rodriguez says

    This year I joined a running group of women who are all mothers like me. We make time in our busy schedules to train. I completed my first half marathon and lost 20 pounds in my training. I’m currently training for my first full marathon in march and hope to loose 20-30 more pounds.

  154. Nikki Warner says

    I started 2013 over weight and definitely not a runner. After completing 60 days of Insanity there was no stopping me. I had decided my next goal would be a 5K. I have since run 7 5ks this year and currently training for a 10k. Next year I will be training for my first half and possibly a tough mudder. I am always trying to find ways to push myself in different ways mentally and physically. I look forward to what 2014 has in store.

  155. Laura Keating says

    In 2013, I started running and pushed myself to be able to run at least 3 miles. I now run 6-7 miles every weekend and 4 to 5 miles 3x a week and weight lift 2-3x per week. Throughout this process I have learned that my mind is stronger than I had thought. I have pushed past many barriers and learned more about myself by just putting one foot in front of the other and beating my personal best week after week.

    My goal in 2014 is to run a half marathon and be able to run 10 miles without a problem on the weekends when I do my long runs and I look forward to learning more about myself, mind and body.

  156. Fonda says

    In 2013 I completed 8 half marathons and a Ragnar relay. After almost having my leg amputated, this is a big deal for me!! In 2014 I’m going to do a race each month, including my first 70.3!

  157. anne says

    This year I have increased my days and distance running times.On the trails I have adventures further . My goal for 2014 is to run a 10k and increase more core aerobics. I am 54 years old and having been running for 2 years.

  158. Tanya Ray says

    In 2013 I’ve made the conscious effort to eat healthier no soda, less candy and carbs and more veggies. I finally went to MD about a nagging injury. By the end of 2014 I’d like to be able to run 10 miles.

  159. sarah says

    1. I joined Run For God to make sure I had a commitment to running and improving physically and spiritually.
    2. I plan on running my second 1/2 Marathon and improve that time!

  160. sheila obrien says

    My goal was to to run 5ks without walking and run a half mile hill near my house. Did both. My goals for 2014 include working on cutting time from my 5k time and train and run a half marathon.

  161. Crystal L. says

    In 2013 as a new runner I have lost 50lbs and completed 4 half marathons, 6 10ks, and 3 5ks.. For 2014 my goal is to lose another 50lbs and complete my first full marathon in October 2014 :)

  162. Lindsay S says

    In 2013 I completed my first 15k and I enjoyed every moment of it! My goals in 2014 include overcoming a nerve injury in my foot and completing my second half marathon.

  163. Jessa says

    This year, I’ve begun running -
    Or what I call “fake jogging!” :) This weekend I’m running my very first race, and before 2014 I will complete 3! I would like to register for my first 10K and possibly half marathon in the next year!

  164. Kristen says

    In 2013 I committed to being a fit runner by training for and smashing my pr in the 1/2 marathon. I also started juicing to improve my nutritional goals. In 2014 I plan to run every other day throughout my whole pregnancy to keep me and unborn baby in great shape for our due day in July.

  165. Esther says

    In 2013, I trained for and ran my first marathon in thirteen years and lost 15 pounds. In 2014 I’m hoping to do another marathon and registered for a 25k today.

  166. Arlinda says

    Things I’ve done to become a fit runner: pilates to have stronger core when I run and slowly building up endurance. My goals for 2014 are to: participate in Tour d’Afrique’s Doomsday Ride it requires me to save money or raise money to participate, try to build up more endurance in my running, look into becoming a certified pilates and yoga instructor, practice meditation, and I want to learn self defense.

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